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How To Make Mom's Meat Loaf Recipe

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Learn how to make the best meat loaf in this short cooking video. We love this recipe. The meat loaf is denser than most, and it tastes great the next day in a sandwich with sauteed onions and ketchup.

See Mom's Meat Loaf Recipe.

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Wow, a very different

By jlfranklin89us

Wow, a very different meatloaf indeed. I have never seen moistened bread, in fact only the opposite of bread crumbs or dried, cubed bread. The milk I have seen, but my grandma poured 1 cup of milk around the edge of her meatloaf pan before baking the meatloaf. She claimed it made the loaf moist.

oi what are you doing

By Guy Bummolo

oi what are you doing darling? have to try anyway........

Love the recipe minus the

By bkndhrtd

Love the recipe minus the spices (rosemary,sage, tyme etc). Never tried it with milk soaked bread. Sure gonna try it.

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