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How to Use Raised Beds in Your Garden

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There are plenty of things to consider when planning raised beds: location, materials, cost, soil, drainage and how long they will last.

In this video, we explain what you need to know to get the best from raised bed gardening. From how to build the beds, the right size to choose and which soil mix to use, you'll find invaluable advice with examples from real gardens and a demonstration of how our Garden Planner can help you plan out the perfect spacing for plants within raised beds.

The Garden Planner is available from The Old Farmer's Almanac here: http://gardenplanner.almanac.com/


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This answered my questions

By Christa

This answered my questions about how to build a raised bed garden. Have been considering it for a few years and am determined to do it now. Thanks so much!

This was very helpful, as I'm

By Fernande A Merckes

This was very helpful, as I'm finally in a home which will allow gardening beds. Will also allow me to have my grandson assist and learn about gardening.

Thanks a lot good things

By adriene

Thanks a lot good things enjoy it

I've just bought a

By rustan

I've just bought a groundfloor city flat with its own garden (tiny!) and I would love to grow my own vegetables - this video was immensely helpful. Thank you!

It seems that a raised bed

By johnsudds

It seems that a raised bed needs watering more often than one that isn't raised.

I have been comtemplating

By Linda R.

I have been comtemplating gardening, and from the video, I believe that a raised bed would be a good starter point, especially if you have pets. I would like to start with higher beds since I have problems bending. This is very helpful.

I am using 4x4 timbers for my

By Jan McCredy

I am using 4x4 timbers for my beds. easy to attach to one another, and if I need to go higher next year, I can stack and attach with no problem.

What a wonderful instructive

By CarolJKH

What a wonderful instructive video. I am trying square foot gardening for the first time this year, however, I've not committed to raised beds yet. This video is encouraging and I would like to try one raised bed this season. Thank you!

I have yet to see a raised

By Annonymous

I have yet to see a raised bed demo that uses cinder blocks as the supporting structure. Are they not more durable than wood and have no worry about preservation chemicals present in treated wood?

My neighbor's father used

By Daniel Douglas

My neighbor's father used concrete blocks....with great results. If space is limited, the only drawback I can see is the extra space used by the big blocks. Would be easy to stack 2 or even 3 high and not have worry about the walls 'falling out'.....

I Have been considering

By Billl1

I Have been considering raised beds foe awhile now & this video gives me some needed information.

I have been looking for info

By Phillip J

I have been looking for info like this for years. very informative.
I will add one thing to the "how to mix your soils" portion. Purchase a concrete mixing machine to mix soils with (electric/gas opperated and pretty cheap at an auction). You will get a more even soil mix verses the good old wheel barrow and shovel and less physical energy used mixing and channeling it elsewhere in the garden. Happ gardening folks.

I started raised bed

By captdenny

I started raised bed gardening last season and this video was a nice recap.

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