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Planning Irrigation for your Garden

Supplying adequate water to plants is essential to having a successful garden.

In this video we demonstrate the best ways of watering your garden to give maximum benefit to your plants. We present an easy way to use old plastic bottles to keep plants well watered during hot weather along with advice on saving water and reducing plant diseases. In the second half of the video, we demonstrate how to plan and install a drip irrigation system that will automatically keep your garden well watered.

You can plan drip irrigation layouts using the drawing tools available in our Almanac Garden Planner which is available here.


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Wish I had found this video a

By lesliepetty

Wish I had found this video a few years ago. Awesome!!!

Great site. Improved my

By Abubakar Ibrahim

Great site. Improved my gardening knowledge and skills

good clip, best I have seen

By Rose Q.

good clip, best I have seen in a while. love the box, gardens. We opt out this year, to give the us a rest, and the ground too. but watch out next year. :) thank you so much, Happy gardening.

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