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Urban Homesteading: Using Traditional Wisdom for an Urban Vegetable Garden

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If your home is in an urban area, you can adapt traditional homesteading values to help you live more sustainably and provide healthy, natural food for your family.

Many of us are limited in the space and time we have for our garden, but there are simple techniques, which can make a huge difference to the success of your edible garden.

In this video we demonstrate how to plan your urban garden to include some traditional homesteading approaches. We then describe a wide variety of beneficial gardening techniques which can help you live more sustainably by reducing your impact on the environment.

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It is quite tough to do

By richardbrown

It is quite tough to do gardening especially in urban sector; most probably due to lack of space, suitable climate and proper guidance people are unable to grow better gardens in urban regions. Therefore we need to promote gardening issues in urban regions; I hope this above video will definitely work and provide suitable instructions to deal with the issues of growing traditional urban vegetable garden.

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