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The following list of supplies kept in your emergency car kit will serve you well if an adverse situation arises in your automobile.

Basic Auto Emergency Kit

Keep these items in a bag in your trunk:

Keep the following first aid supplies in the household to treat unexpected injuries.

Get tips on how to survive summer heat. Take a moment to check our heat safety tips and the heat index chart.

Get wedding weather forecasts!  Only The Old Farmer’s Almanac predicts long-range weather a year in advance!

Plants drink their food. If your soil dries out, your plants will starve—or wilt. Take these steps to keep your garden moist and water wisely.

Here are seven occasions when weather may have changed the course of American history.

Stay on top of hurricanes as they happen from the comfort of your own home using these tracking maps. Print out a map and plot the path of a storm using the latitude and longitude coordinates reported by your local weather forecaster.

By observing clouds, you can often predict the incoming weather.  Clouds have many characteristics and are classified by altitude and type.

The EF Scale (below) is the standard way to measure tornadoes based on wind damage.

Ready for do-it-yourself weather predicting? Long before meteorologists had sophisticated technology to help them predict the weather, people made forecasts based on their observations of the sky, animals, and nature.

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