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Weather Folklore of the Day

On Thursday at three,Look out, and you'll seeWhat Friday will be. - English proverb

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    When the months of July, August and September are unusually hot, January will be the coldest month.

    If the sun shine on St. Paul's Day, it betokens a good year; if rain or snow, indifferent; if misty, it predicts great dearth; if thunder, great winds and death of people that year. - Shepherd's Almanac, 1676

    When the mountain moss is soft and limpid, expect rain, If dry and brittle, expect clear weather.

    One swallow never made a summer.

    When bubbles collect in the center of your coffee cup, expect fair weather; if they adhere to the rim, expect rain; if there's no fixed position, the weather will be changeable.

    Look for rain when wood lice run about in great numbers.

    One Saturday change in the Moon is enough, as it is always followed by a severe storm.

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