Weather Folklore of the Day

The gentian (Gentiana pneumonanthe) closes up both flowers and leaves before rain.

Last 7 Days

    When the mulberry has shown green leaf, there will be no more frost. [Gloucestershire]

    Harvest follows in thirteen weeks after the milk-white thorn scents the air [Scotland].

    Easter in snow, Christmas in mud, Christmas in snow, Easter in mud.

    Early blossoms indicate a bad fruit year.

    Rain on Good Friday foretells a fruitful year.

    If this plant [African Marigold] does not open its petals by seven in the morning, it will rain or thunder that day. It also closes before a storm.

    The wind direction on Palm Sunday is said to predominate throughout the summer.

    Just before rain or heavy dew the wind indigo closes or folds its leaves .

    Streaky clouds across the wind foreshow rain. -Scotland

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