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Weather Folklore of the Day

Trace in the sky the painter's brush Then winds around you soon will rush.

Last 7 Days

    When rain falls on St. Barnabas Day, it is good for grapes.

    If the points of a new moon are up, then, as a rule, no rain will fall that quarter of the moon ; a dull, pale moon, dry, with halo, indicates poor crops. In the planting season no grain must be planted when halo is around the moon. -Apache Indians

    When snow falls dry,It means to lie;But flakes light and softBring rain oft.

    A hard winter will come if onion skins or nutshells are unusually thick.

    Deep snow in the winter, tall grain in the summer.- Estonian proverb

    When the corn wears a heavy coat, so must you. - Pennsylvania proverb

    When clouds appears like rocks and towers, The earth's refreshed by frequent showers.

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