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Weather Folklore of the Day

Friday dawns clear as a bell,Rain on Sunday, sure as hell.

Last 7 Days

    If clouds rise in heaps of white, soon will the country of the corn priests be pierced with arrows of rain. - Native American weather lore

    When clouds appears like rocks and towers, The earth's refreshed by frequent showers.

    Expect rain if chickens refuse to come out of their coop.

    On Thursday at three,Look out, and you'll seeWhat Friday will be. - English proverb

    When the months of July, August and September are unusually hot, January will be the coldest month.

    If the sun shine on St. Paul's Day, it betokens a good year; if rain or snow, indifferent; if misty, it predicts great dearth; if thunder, great winds and death of people that year. - Shepherd's Almanac, 1676

    When the mountain moss is soft and limpid, expect rain, If dry and brittle, expect clear weather.

    One swallow never made a summer.

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