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Weather Folklore of the Day

Narrow, horizontal red clouds after sunset in the west indicate rain before thirty-six hours.

Last 7 Days

    As November 21st, so is the winter.

    If there are cobwebs in the grass in the early morning, the day will be fair and clear.

    Coals becoming alternately bright and dim indicate an approaching storm.

    Two rainbows at a time promise rain.

    Ash before oakThere'll be smoke; Oak before ash,There'll be a smash.

    This piece of weather lore means that if leaves emerge on ash trees before they emerge on oak trees, there will be hot weather (smoke). If the reverse, it will be windy (smash).

    An erect Moon is almost always threatening and unfavorable, but principally denotes wind. If, however, she appear with blunt or shortened horns, it is rather a sign of rain.-Francis Bacon, English philosopher (1561–1626)

    Rain is likely to commence on the turn of the tide.

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