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Today in Weather History

If St. Paul's be faire and cleare,It doth betide a happy yeare;But if by chance it then should rainIt will make deare all kinds of graine...

Last 7 Days

    1963: Fifteen degrees below zero F in Nashville, Tennessee

    1935: In Iroquois Falls, Ontario, the temperature reached -73°F.

    1982: Meteorologists said that 75 percent of North America was covered by snow

    1985: Caesars Head, South Carolina, experienced a cold temperature of -19 degrees F

    1954: Rogers Pass, Montana, set the record lowest temperature for the continental United States of -69.7F.

    1977: Lake Erie froze from bank to bank for the first time in modern history

    2005: Fifty-four degrees below zero F in Embarrass, Minnesota

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