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Today in Weather History

1993: Lake-effect snows brought a heavy storm to Turin, New York

Last 7 Days

    1929: A storm in Texas, Arkansas, and Louisiana brought 26 inches of snow to Hillsboro, Texas

    1836: Temperatures in central Illinois dropped from 40 to 0 degrees F in a sudden cold snap that was said to freeze chickens in their tracks

    1924: The temperature at Yellowstone National Park was -59 degrees F

    1989: Freezing rain in the Memphis, Tennessee, area caused 170 evening auto accidents

    1884: Snow fell for three weeks in Portland, Oregon, accumulating to 34 inches for a December record

    1835: The temperature in Hanover, New Hampshire, was -17 degrees F in a bitter cold snap that hit New England

    2006: Approximately 1.5 million homes and businesses in Washington and Oregon were without power after windstorms and heavy rains caused flooding, several deaths and closed two major bridges

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