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Today in Weather History

1951: The greatest ice storm of record in the United States produced a layer of ice up to four inches thick from Texas to Pennsylvania, causing 25 deaths, 500 serious injuries, and $100 million worth of damage. Communications and utilities were interrupted for a week to ten days.

Last 7 Days

    1888: Snowy month left 54 inches of snow on the ground at low levels, Northfield, Vermont

    2008: In northern Ohio, a train traveling in high winds derailed on a bridge over Sandusky Bay, sending several freight cars into the water

    1954: 62 degrees in Nampa, Idaho

    1925: Forty-six degrees below zero F at First Connecticut Lake

    1922: Knickerbocker Storm's 28 inches of snowfall crushed Washington theater of the same name, killing over 100 movie patrons

    1940: Florida had 3-day freeze, $10 million in crop loss

    1843: Destructive tornado hit factory in Pottsville, Pennsylvania

    If St. Paul's be faire and cleare,It doth betide a happy yeare;But if by chance it then should rainIt will make deare all kinds of graine...

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