Today in Weather History

1837: Racer's Storm - named for the H.M.S. Racer, which had encountered it in the Caribbean - began its rampage of the South near Brownsville, Texas. It was one of the most destructive hurricanes of the 19th century, covering more than 2,000 miles.

Last 7 Days

    1948: Pilot Lt. George Gorman pursued a UFO over Fargo, North Dakota. The official explanation later stated that what he chased was a weather balloon - but many people remain unconvinced.

    1977: 108 degrees F at Wichita Falls, Texas

    1991: Snow began to fall in Caribou, Maine, and ended on the 30th, with 2.5 inches accumulating

    2006: Waterspout formed near Smithtown Bay, New York

    1816: Unripened corn in much of New England was killed by a severe black frost

    1963: The temperature in San Diego, California, reached 111 degrees F

    1934: Cut Bank, Montana, recorded 4 degrees below zero F.

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