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Today in Weather History

2003: More than 90% of Lake Superior was covered with ice due to long stretches of unusually cold weather.

Last 7 Days

    1950: Calculations for the first computerized weather forecast began at a U.S. Army research laboratory. It took the computer about 24 hours to generate the forecast for the next 24 hours. Researchers were hopeful, however--two of the first four predictions were somewhat accurate.

    1717: Southern New Hampshire received four feet of snow in nine days

    1837: Savannah, Georgia, received 10 inches of snow

    1918: A car crossed frozen Penobscot Bay, Maine

    1980: Norfolk, Virginia, received 13.7 inches of snow

    2007: A sandstorm with hurricane-force winds derailed a train in western China

    2011: 103 degrees Fahrenheit, Laredo, Texas

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