Today in Weather History

1944: An enterprising citizen successfully fried an egg on the steps of the U.S. Capitol on this hot July day

Last 7 Days

    1989: Severe thunderstorms in Yuma, Arizona, created zero visibility due to dust blowing in the 90 mph winds

    1963: Eastport, Maine, the northeastern most tip of the U.S., reached 96 degrees

    1979: 24-hour, 43-inch rainfall began, Alvin, Texas

    2008: EF2 tornado struck Epsom, New Hampshire, destroying homes and causing at least one death

    2013: Several counties in Kansas reported baseball size hail

    1918: 504 sheep struck dead in their tracks by a single lighning bolt, Wasatch National Forest, Utah

    1983: World-record cold temperature, -128.6 degrees F, recorded at Vostok Station, Antarctica (a new world record of -136 degrees F was set in 2010)

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