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Wedding Weather Forecasts

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Get wedding weather forecasts!  Only The Old Farmer’s Almanac predicts long-range weather a year in advance!

When you pick a wedding date, one of the most important considerations is the weather. You can get a sense of what weather to expect by considering both PAST weather and FUTURE weather.

1. PAST: Plan for weather based on past records and what's "typical" for your location. Get Weather History for YOUR dates and locations now.

2. FUTURE:  The closest thing to a crystal ball, find out long-range weather predictions. The Old Farmer's Almanac is traditionally 80% accurate. Click here for Long-range Weather Predictions

NOTE: We provide two months free online. Or, buy 12 months of future weather here.

Other Outdoor Wedding Tools


Sunset Calculator

Sunrise and Sunset CalculatorA wedding at sunset can be quite beautiful. It's also important to know when the sun is setting for photography.

Plan memorable outdoor shots by using our free Sunrise and Sunset calculator.

Next Full Moon

Moon Phase CalendarThe ancient Greeks believed that marriages consummated during the full Moon were the most prosperous and happiest. Today, a wedding under the light of the Moon can make for a magical ceremony.

See our Moon Phase Calendar to plan for the right light and ambiance.

Beach Wedding 

Tide Predictions CalendarDreaming of a romantic beach wedding? Don't forget to look at the tide predictions so the ceremony doesn't end up being all wet! See low and high tides for your area with our free Tide Predictions Calculator.

As the light hits the water, it's also important to consider the sunrise and set times.

Autumn Wedding

Autumn leavesFind a fall foliage report to see when the leaves are at their peak!

See a free New England foliage map from our sister site. (Map for all of North America coming soon.)

Wedding History

June is traditionally the most popular month to have a wedding. The custom dates back more than 2,000 years to when the ancient Romans named the month after their goddess of marriage and childbirth, Juno. It was thought that happiness and prosperity would come to those who wed during her month.

Romans also preferred June weddings for more practical reasons. By this time, the local wet season had ended in most places, so celebrants could usually rely on dry, comfortable weather—a fact for which the bride, whose intricate nuptial hairdo featured six locks wreathed in blossoms, must have been especially thankful.

Getting married in June meant that the first child would most likely be born during the following spring, instead of in the dead of winter when times were lean. Plus, a spring childbirth wouldn’t interfere with the busy fall harvest.

Today, couples often do as the Romans did and choose a June wedding. Not only is the weather fairly predictable, but also the days are long, the festive aroma of flowers fills the air, and many schools and colleges are out of session, making it easier for families to attend the event—which are all practical reasons, too.

Wedding Flowers, Cakes, and Customs

MarigoldPut marigolds in your wedding bouquet to keep your true love.

Here is more Almanac advice that you may not find easily today! Find out the why behind some time-honored wedding practices and how they have evolved over the years. Make a unique statement by choosing which customs to include and which to leave in the past. Create a bouquet of flowers which hold symbolic meaning. See our articles:

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Planning a wedding July

By Phyllis Howard

Planning a wedding July 18_2015.
Houston, Texas 77015. Wedding at 7:00pm.
Honeymoon Orange Beach, Alabama.

Would like to know the

By maria waddell

Would like to know the weather for the weekend of July 24 25 and 26 ta hank you

I would like to know which

By Phan Le

I would like to know which day in May 2015 will rain the most?! Also I would like how the weather will be on May 23rd 2015?

I would love to know the

By Liz P

I would love to know the weather prediction for May 23, 2015. I am getting married that day outdoors (hopefully!!!)

My husband and I will

By DeLisa Reed

My husband and I will celebrate 35 years of marriage on Saturday, May 23rd, the actual day we married. We are doing a lakeside wedding vow renewal ceremony. So, this is a good day! I wish you blessings of love, peace, and longevity today and always.

I'm having an outside wedding

By brittni

I'm having an outside wedding on may 30th, 2015 & wondering what the weather may be like.I've looked at all the commenta and haven't came across of this date yet. Please help!

Thanks for this kind of

By Aaron Armstrong

Thanks for this kind of wedding planning. I love this page.

I was originally getting

By Raquel Munoz

I was originally getting married April 4th, 2015, but due to our venue being unavailable on that day, we changed it to April 5th. I actually purchased the farmers almanac to see what the weather is on that day, and it says that for the Southeast, from April 5-9, it is rainy then sunny. What does that mean?? Does it mean it will rain everyday, then get sunny later on each day? OR will it rain all day for the 5th and 6th, and then get sunny as it gets closer to the 9th?
I'm confused! Please let me know. Thanks

we are planning to weeding of

By Dr Poonam

we are planning to weeding of my bro may 8 to 8 2015 I just want to know about rain ad weather then we can decdng the date.plz feedbck asp

For weather predictions, The

By Almanac Staff

For weather predictions, The 2015 Old Farmer's Almnanac is now available! It covers weather forecasts from November 2014 through October 2015. Keep in mind that these are very long-range predictions to give you an idea of the weather week to week, not daily forecasts. You'll get a good sense of "typical" or average weather, too! Find copies wherever books and magazines are sold or here in our General Store: We offer both print as well as digital for instant access: http://www.almanac.com/store/almanacs

My daughter is having outside

By Sharon Oliver

My daughter is having outside wedding on June 6th 2015...like to know how the weather will be on that day...

I'm getting married the same

By Roxanne Poole

I'm getting married the same day in North Georgia. My wedding is also outside so yea I'm interested to know the weather as well.

Good Morning, I am getting

By Shannon Mullins

Good Morning,

I am getting married outside 9-14-2014 at 11am in Mooresville, NC and I am wondering how the weather is looking for that day?

Dear, I have planned my

By Amin LaLa


I have planned my marriage on May 17, 2014. Kindly update me regarding weather conditions in Peshawar.

Warm Regards,

Amin LaLa.

I wld love to knw the weather

By Shamikia Edwards

I wld love to knw the weather for Sept. 20,2014

Were planning a wedding for

By heather insell

Were planning a wedding for august 2nd about 5pm will it be super hit still? Well be in cottonwood ca

Planning our wedding for

By Teri Bjerkos

Planning our wedding for October 18th, 2014..I would like to know what the weather will be like and also the Fall colors will they be vibrant? We want this day to be perfect. Thanks Teri

It's usually quite nice that

By Chelsi

It's usually quite nice that day! It's also my birthday and I can't actually remember it raining that day. Neither too cold :) my wedding is on 4th October this year... Not long now good luck with everything and don't worry about the weather because at the end of the day you can't change it so prepare for the worst and everything will be fine! Good luck xx

Yes, the Almanac offers

By Almanac Staff

Yes, the Almanac offers weather predictions for October. See: www.almanac.com/store/almanacs

Hi folks, for those who want

By Almanac Staff

Hi folks, for those who want to know wedding weather information, please look at the top of this page! Thank you, the OFA

My daughter is getting

By Robyn Wilcox

My daughter is getting married May 31 2014. I am just curious what that day will bring as far as the weather goes! Thanks Robyn

Getting married March 22

By Peg shingleton

Getting married March 22 2014. Idea what weather will be in Edinburgh, Indiana?

I am getting married Jan 1,

By LauraAnn

I am getting married Jan 1, 2016. Is there any way of knowing what kind of weather I will have on or around my wedding day? I am trying to look but i have had no luck in finding any information for 2016. Thank you.

I am planning a May or June

By Chrissy P

I am planning a May or June 2015 outside wedding. Which days will have no rain and be the hotest? My zip code is 13135. We are trying to pick a date. -Thanks

When will summer 2015 weather

By Megan Eichhorn

When will summer 2015 weather predictions become available?

The summer 2015 predictions

By Almanac Staff

The summer 2015 predictions will be featured in The 2015 Old Farmer's Almanac which gets issued late August/early September of this year!

We are planning a wedding on

By Pdcoors

We are planning a wedding on May 3, 2014. What will the weather be for zip code 45005? Thank you.

weather for may 3rd 2014 we

By judy sainz

weather for may 3rd 2014 we are having a outdoor wedding for zip code 77435

I want to marry on 2nd oct

By jay shah

I want to marry on 2nd oct 2015 can you tell if that day it will rain or not in india.

I am getting married in

By Flaca

I am getting married in Virginia on June 2015.Are there any Saturdays that month where rain will fall?

what is the weather forecast

By annette parker

what is the weather forecast for june 14,2014

See The 2014 Old Farmer's

By Almanac Staff

See The 2014 Old Farmer's Almanac. You will not get a "daily" forecast but you'll get a sense of weather trends by week (i.e, bound to be rainy, sunny, etc.)

Getting married. October

By michelle lee hunt

Getting married. October 26,2013. Do you know weather. Thank you.

would like to know all

By Stephanie H

would like to know all information about what the weather will be like for November 2nd 2013. I am having an outside wedding. my zip code is 72638. thank you!

Hi Stephanie, Our 2014 Old

By Almanac Staff

Hi Stephanie, Our 2014 Old Farmer's Almanac was just issued and starts with the November weather. See: http://www.almanac.com/store/almanacs for print or digital (instant) publications. Or, we do offer the current and next month's long-range forecast for free as a courtesy of the Almanac here: http://www.almanac.com/weather/longrange so November will be posted on Oct 1.

Would like all and any

By Thomas Antolik

Would like all and any weather info for October 12 2013

Thomas, At this point, you

By Almanac Staff

Thomas, At this point, you can get the October 2013 forecast on this Web site. See long-weather links above.

trying to find what the

By Cynthia Stark

trying to find what the weather looking like for September 21, 1013 planning a wedding for this day.

Hi, Cynthia, Here is our

By Almanac Staff

Hi, Cynthia, Here is our long-range weather for September. Just click on your region: http://www.almanac.com/weather/longrange  We will, however, add that September is at the end of our forecast year and these predictions were made 18 months ago; at this point, you may want to follow meteorology reports. AccuWeather provides a 30-day forecast: www.accuweather.com.  For our new forecast year (which starts November 2013), see The 2014 Old Farmer's Almanac—now available at www.almanac.com/store

Hi, I am Nor walk Lifer. You

By Anna-Liisa

Hi, I am Nor walk Lifer. You know there are a lot of beach located wedding venues malibu. I also attend wedding of my friend in this venue. These venues are overwhelming.

I just purchased the tool and

By janelleproctor

I just purchased the tool and am disappointed to learn that the "Search Same Dates Every Year" button does not work. It is not clickable. This is the reason I purchased the tool. Could you please assist? Thank You.

We just tested our Customized

By Almanac Staff

We just tested our Customized Weather History search tool and it worked. Additionally, we haven't heard from any other users that it is broken. Please try again. Make sure you are using Internet Explorer or Google Chrome for an Internet browser. Double check the info you are entering is complete and then be prepared to wait. Sometimes it can take awhile for our computer to compile the information you are looking for, especially if you are searching a lot of dates. If you are still having issues, email our technical support people here.

It's not recognizing any

By Barak

It's not recognizing any city, town, or zip code in the area I'm searching. Does this only use major cities? There isn't a major city within 2 hours of where I'm looking for weather history for. (Warwick, NY) Can you please help me out?

If you go to our Weather

By Almanac Staff

If you go to our Weather Center, you can type in a zip code and our weather tools will find the nearest NOAA weather station: http://www.almanac.com/weather

Hi there, My fiance and I are

By Shay and Charlie

Hi there, My fiance and I are getting married in Maryland USA in november 2013 possibly 2nd or 9th. Do you know the history of november weather and if rain or snow is in our future? Thanks

See the links on this page

By Almanac Staff

See the links on this page to: Weather History tool (to go back in time): http://www.almanac.com/weather/history
For long-term weather, consult The 2013 Old Farmer's Almanac--found in bookstores or www.almanac.com/store

This is more informative post

By Aaric

This is more informative post and yes, i got some extra information from here about the topic. I always read it carefully. And if I need information about Autos Model, Tech Field and others, I again contact this blog. what is cheating in a relationship

I'm not sure how to work

By Britny

I'm not sure how to work around this site. I'm just curious as to what the chances are for rain on September 14th 2013. And what the weather might be like or has been like in the past?

Britny, We do not know where

By Almanac Staff

Britny, We do not know where you live, but you can find weather predictions for September of 2013 in The 2013 Old Farmer's Almanac--which you can find in bookstores or in our General Store in print or digital edition: www.almanac.com/store/almanacs
Keep in mind that the long-range predictions are regional and weekly, not daily. As a courtesy, we also provide the current/next month of predictions on our Web site here: www.almanac.com/weather/longrange
To find out typical weather from the past, see our weather history tool here: http://www.almanac.com/weather/history

This is cool just learned

By Ian Rosso

This is cool just learned something new

Planning a wedding. Need past

By Sea em

Planning a wedding. Need past and future weather info!

See the Weather History tool

By Almanac Staff

See the Weather History tool mentioned above on this page.

Wow! this seems to be a

By kellybailey

Wow! this seems to be a complete wedding advice. We got married in Winter little before X'Mas and i think there was a full moon on our wedding night. that may be the reason for our happy wedding relationship till now which is what ancient Greeks believed. But if i had to choose a another wedding occasion, i would definitely vote for romantic beach wedding. I think it will be the most romantic wedding plan for anyone.

I'm getting married in May

By Colleen P.

I'm getting married in May 2011 and these pages provided me with very useful information! We are getting married on "the upward strokes of the clock hands" - it was neat to learn about the wedding folklore!

Thank you I love this page my

By jvscampbell05@g...

Thank you I love this page my neice getting married in august. wonderful page..

I love this page! My son is

By Mare Anne Jarvela

I love this page! My son is getting married next May, an outside evening wedding. I wanted to check some weather history for the date amd place and also see when the sun will set that night. I quickly found the information I needed.

Great page! We're getting

By Kimberly A Smith

Great page! We're getting married November 6 and according to the Moon Phase Calendar, it means we'll have a new moon. So we're having our band play "No Moon At All" by Doris Day! Now here's hoping it doesn't rain...

I loved reading the Wedding

By Amy Nieskens

I loved reading the Wedding Folklore page. Who would've thought that seeing a black cat on your wedding day is a good omen? Also, I'm really into the symbolism of certain types of flowers, I want my bouquet to be both beautiful and meaningful, so marigolds will make the cut. Thanks for the tips!

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