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Winter Photo and Video Contest

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Enter the annual Winter Photo & Video Contest. We'll give the winner an Almanac bundle of products—plus, runners-up prizes.

Just show us what winter means to you. You don't have to be a great photographer. In fact, we encourage amateurs. Photos can be submitted from the present year or past years.

Now Accepting Entries!

How to Enter

Just submit your photo hereNOTE: Be sure to select "Winter Photo Contest" category on the next page.

Video can be entered by sharing on our Facebook page. Click here: www.facebook.com/theoldfarmersalmanac


The editor will select a winning picture and send the winner a bundle of Almanac products!


The deadline is always the first day of spring—every year! Note: This contest is for amateur photographers and videographers only. All photos submitted to this Web site become the property of Yankee Publishing Inc., which may reproduce, distribute, publish, display, edit, modify, create derivative works from, and otherwise use the material for any purpose, in any form, and on any media. In submitting this photo you agree that its content does not infringe copyrights or other property rights of any party. You also agree that the photo you are submitting is your own.

See ALL of the wonderful winter photo contest submissions in our picture gallery!

Grand Prize Photo Gallery


2014–2015 Winner: "Frozen in Time"

Credit: Dave Segar
This is a truly unique photo that captures a moment in time. 

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20132014 Winner: "Looking for Signs of Spring"

Credit: Connie Still
Love the color! We've never seen so many cardinals all at once. We couldn't resist the orginality of this photo.

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2012 –2013 Winner: "Winter Woodpecker"
Seeing the bird through frost-covered branches added interest to this picture. We enjoyed the composition, pattern, and colors.

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"Winter Reflection"

Credit: Tammy Link

"Little Bantam in the Snow"

Credit: blessed1indeed
We love this unusual shot with the off-white of the chicken against the snow—plus, the striking contrast of the beak and comb.


"Halfingers love snow!"

Credit: Bert's Buck-Up Ranch
You can feel the energy in this photo.


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For some reason, when i click

By nancy barger

For some reason, when i click on the link to submit my photo, it shows up that its an error. I've tried it several times and it still will not let me submit my photo. Please tell me if there is any other way i can send it to you. Thank you.

Nancy, What is the exact

By Lou Eastman


What is the exact error message you are getting? I've tested the system here and have been unable to recreate the problem. Any detailed information you can add here will help us solve this for you :)

on your winter photo contest,

By Tammie Engle

on your winter photo contest, so we vote on the one we want to win, or do you select the winner?

Hi Tammie, This page is for

By Almanac Staff

Hi Tammie, This page is for folks who want to enter by uploading their photo.  The Almanac editors will judge the winners, however, we've often asked readers to vote in our newsletters or Facebook to get their input, too!

Congrats Cheryl your gorgeous

By Sheri DeLoach

Congrats Cheryl your gorgeous blue Jay! :-).

The bestest darn website

By Tom Eddy

The bestest darn website ever, I should come here more often, or at least log in more often.

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