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10 Ways to Exercise While You're at Work: Part 2

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Now that you have warmed up with the first five of these exercises given in Part 1 last time, try the rest of the! Practitioners assume all risk of injury to body, mind, or career.

10 Ways to Exercise While You’re at Work: Part 2

6. Bend Over Backward: The only way to loosen up those tight stomach muscles is to begin to Bend Over Backward.

7. Run Around in Circles: For many people, this is the only exercise they get at work. Although it doesn’t lead anywhere, it does give the appearance that something is actually happening.

8. Beat Around the Bush: In order to reap the full benefit of this exercise, you must never engage in giving a straight answer, because answers do not provide the necessary tension on the vocal cords.

9. Run Amok: This exercise requires the use of related apparatuses such as telephones, computers, or copying machines. Just a few laps around these, and you’ll be well on your way to a new you. If this is not possible, then simply begin Throwing Your Weight Around.

10. Watch the Clock: This is one of the best exercises for developing hand-eye coordination. As the clock ticks toward quitting time, people adept at this exercise are able to snap shut their briefcases, grab their coats, and be on their way out the door without missing a beat. Clock-watching should be done only toward the very end of the day. Beginning this exercise too early can lead only to another less desirable exercise known as Pounding the Pavement.