12 Must-Have Garden Helpers

July 20, 2017
Plants in a Wheelbarrow

As you get ready for the planting season, use this checklist of 12 valuable tools from The 2014 All-Seasons Garden Guide to make sure you have the help you need while working in the garden.

12 Must-Have Garden Helpers

1. Garden Fork—A garden fork is used for turning over soil and compost, digging root crops, and dividing perennials.

2. Garden Scissors—Garden scissors are used for deadheading flowers, cutting herbs and flowers, and pruning delicate plants.

3. Hand Cultivator—A hand cultivator scratches the soil to remove small weeds and rough up the soil in the garden and in a container.

4. Hand Pruner—A hand pruner removes small branches from perennials, shrubs, and trees. Choose a bypass pruner with smooth operating blades and a comfortable grip.

5. Hoe—A hoe is used to remove shallow-rooted weeds. It is also used to create furrows for planting seed and to break up clumps of soil. Make sure that the metal head is securely attached to a smooth wooden handle.

6. Hose—A garden hose carries water long distances. Brass parts and fittings are more durable than plastic.

7. Rakes—The lawn rake is lightweight and used for raking up leaves and lawn clippings. Metal lawn rakes are more durable than plastic. A garden or ground rake has metal tines and is useful for smoothing soil and clearing garden debris.

8. Shears—Shears are used for trimming grass around tree trunks and shrubs and cutting back perennials and ornamental grasses.

9. Shovel vs. Spade—A shovel has a pointed, rounded blade and is useful for digging holes and moving soil. A spade has a straight-edged, flat blade and is good for digging straight-sided holes, cutting roots, and making edgings.

10. Trowel—A trowel is a mini-shovel used for digging small holes for planting.

11. Watering Can—A watering can is best suited for small watering jobs. It should have at least a 2-gallon capacity but should be easy to carry when full.

12. Wheelbarrow or Yard Cart—Use this for hauling soil or leaves, collecting debris, and countless other tasks.

Check out more tips for a beautiful garden in The 2014 All-Seasons Garden Guide!

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