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14 Days of January 2014

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Happy New Year!!!! Today is the first day of 2014!! To celebrate, we are flipping through the January pages of The Old Farmer’s Almanac 2014 Everyday Calendar and picking our 14 favorite snippets of facts, folklore, and fun!

14 Days of January 2014

January 1: Reduce Closet Clutter—Today, arrange your clothes hangers so that they all point in one direction. As you rehang items during the year, point the hangers in the opposite direction. At year’s end, donate all garments on unturned hangers. You’ll never miss them!

January 3: January is National Soup Month—To remedy salty homemade soup, add a peeled raw potato to the pot and then bring the soup to a boil. The potato will absorb some of the saltiness; discard it before serving.

January 5: When stars flicker in the night sky, rain or snow follows soon.

January 8: Cook’s Cure—To remove onion or garlic odor from your hands, rub your fingers on stainless steel.

January 10: Name That Cow! A study by two British researchers showed that cows with names give more milk than cows without names.

January 14: Weather Wit—Some old-timers say that the weather in Maine is “9 months of winter and 3 months of poor sledding.” In Canada, they say, “10 months of winter and 2 months of poor hockey.”

January 16: Fitness Folklore—According to astrological tradition, the best days to begin a diet are during the dark of the Moon (from the day after the Moon is full to the day before it is new).

January 17: Benjamin Franklin’s Birthday—He that goes a-borrowing, goes a-sorrowing. –Benjamin Franklin (1706–90)

January 19: Hair conditioners, makeup, moisturizers, and sunscreens all may contain oil from the same ingredient that is used to make guacamole—avocado.

January 22: President Calvin Coolidge (1923–29) and First Lady Grace kept a menagerie at the White House: a baby bear, a wallaby, lion cubs, and a donkey, as well as a couple of dogs and cats. Their favorite pet was a raccoon named Rebecca that they walked around the grounds on a leash.

January 23: To make a sparkling impression: On Monday, wear your pearls. On Tuesday, wear rubies. On Wednesday, wear sapphires. On Thursday, wear garnets. On Friday, wear emeralds. On Saturday, wear diamonds. On Sunday, wear yellow stones.

January 28: According to ancient lore, Tuesdays are good for making new business deals.

January 30: A north wind during a new Moon will hold until the Moon turns full.

January 31: In 1928, Walt Disney created a cartoon mouse named MORTIMER. Fortunately, Walt’s wife, Lillian, suggested renaming the character MICKEY.