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2022 Garden Guide

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Hear from Today's Best-Selling Gardening Experts

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It’s been a very busy year for gardening, thanks to so much interest in growing food and flowers and improving our lawns and landscapes!

As spring gets into full swing, let us properly introduce you to the 2022 edition of our ever-popular Old Farmer’s Almanac Garden Guide! In this year’s edition, we are thrilled to bring you some of the top gardeners and best-selling garden authors from across North America!

What is the Garden Guide? It’s always a little hard to explain to those who haven’t yet discovered it. (Thank you all of you who have!) With its perfect-bound, soft cover on 128 full-color pages, the Garden Guide is our annual premium magazine—”premium” because it looks like a beautiful coffee table book, even though it is totally packed with truly useful information!

Hear From Top Experts Across the Continent

The 2022 issue is exciting and humbling. The country’s best-selling garden authors and experts all contributed their knowledge about the gardens of today and tomorrow. When we review this year’s edition as a whole, what do we see? Contrived, high-maintenance landscapes are a thing of the past. Instead, we look to nature for a garden that is not only naturally beautiful but also sustains and improves quality of life—for plants, pollinators, and humans!

In “The Joy of Meadowcraft” … 

Meadows and humans thrive together. You can make a meadow by diversifying an existing grassy or weedy area with more native wildflowers. It will become something that’s no longer a project but instead a place.”
Eric Lee-Mäder, co-director of the Pollinator Conservation Program at the Xerces Society and author of many books, including the upcoming The Milkweed Lands

In “The Fruit of Your Labor” …

“Which ones should you grow? Which ones should you run from? Many fruit take gobs of time-sucking maintenance. Let’s undertake a rational assessment of possible fruit for the home garden, praising the good and excoriating the bad.”
–the “Grumpy Gardener,” aka Steve Bender, gardening editor at Southern Living and author of many inspirational (and entertaining!) gardening books

In “Befriend ‘The Little Things That Run the World’” …

“We have waged war on many insects and ignored the basic needs of the rest for so long that now most insects are in trouble. … The seemingly astounding rebound of species on my property was actually neither astounding nor accidental. The moths that I am counting returned because of native plants. And the birds came because of the moths!”
Douglas W. Tallamy, ecologist and author of the best-selling Nature’s Best Hope

In “Easy Essential Herbs” …

“All herbs are cut-and-come-again plants, so you can look forward to a long season of gathering gourmet sprigs, with extra to put up for the winter.”
Barbara Pleasant, best-selling author of over twenty gardening books and longtime writer for Mother Earth News

In “Garden Inspiration” …

“Learning that I could grow plants from leaves, stems, and cuttings of others was a mind-blowing discovery. Nurturing plants has lessons for nurturing ourselves.”
Marcus Bridgewater (aka @gardenmarcus), TikTok’s most popular gardener and author of the forthcoming How to Grow

In “The Passionate Gardener” …

“This isn’t work; it’s a joy. A healthy garden has an energy that is transferred to the gardener. I know that I always feel happy and healthy in my garden.”
–David Hobson, Canadian garden author, humorist, and newspaper columnist

What else can you find in the 2022 Garden Guide?

Tomato Tactics: From a quick-start solution composed of eggshells and hair (yes, hair!) to boosting the plant’s immune system with fish heads, growing techniques that nobody talks about—but now you can!
Flower Plot Plans: Imagine a garden drenched with three seasons of color—from early spring to the first frost of autumn.
Decorative Vegetables: More of us are replacing front lawns with edibles or adding ornamental edibles to our borders, pots, and plots. Discover which are best for your space.
Gardening With Kids: We need to consider the next generation. Outdoor experiences—such as the many presented here—inspire a love of nature that lasts a lifetime.
15 Secrets From Veggie-Growing Experts: How to lavish the soil and not the plant, how not to grow some grocery store veggies, and more!
Houseplants That Fit Each Room: From sleeping beauties to humidity-loving bathroom plants to edible kitchen plants, there is a houseplant for every environment, every interest!
Flowering Vines: Choose the right climbing vine to transform (or camouflage) garden features with ease, beauty, and utility.
Eating Weeds: Chewing on whether to eat invasive plants—and which ones!
All of this, plus 2022 gardening trends (think: intentionally slow gardening (focusing on the therapeutic benefits of gardening rather than speedy and perfect results), how lessons learned in life and the garden intersect, the joys of giving a gnome a home, the winners of the Garden Guide’s tomato recipe contest, and much, much more!

Look Inside the Garden Guide!!

Where to Find the 2022 Garden Guide

Here are three ways to pick up a copy of the 2022 Garden Guide:

  1. Support your local retail store. See our zip code (postal code) finder for “Where to Buy” in your area.
  2. Right from your home, order a copy from our Almanac Web store, where you’ll also find our Vegetable Gardener’s Handbook and Flower Gardener’s Handbook.
  3. Order a digital copy of the magazine to read on your iPad or laptop!

We hope that you find this year’s edition of the Garden Guide especially inspirational—and we welcome your feedback. Here are two reviews from readers which we really enjoyed:

“This is a very collectible and readable magazine. I save all my issues and look forward to the Garden Guide every year. I never fail to learn something new.” –C. Anderson

“I loved it. This isn’t an ordinary magazine which is anemic and fluff. As with The Old Farmer’s Almanac, I really enjoy flipping through my issue again and again.” –J. Allen

All the best for a successful year of growing!

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