Addicted to CAMP MIX Seasonings

May 16, 2013
Camp Mix

Some years ago, my friends served oven-roasted vegetables as a side dish. I’d had roasted veggies before, but none like these. The flavor was fantastic. I had to know what their secret ingredient was. They were happy to share their simple recipe: vegetables, olive oil, and CAMP MIX

CAMP MIX? Never heard of it. What is it?” I asked. They looked at me in disbelief and pointed to the bottle of it sitting right on the table in front of me. “Where have you been? We’ve been using CAMP MIX for years,” was their good-natured reply. 

That’s when the light went on for me. Everything they made always tasted better—even simple things like mashed potatoes. Luckily. They had a spare bottle and let me take it home. That was almost 15 years ago, and I have been hooked ever since. Needless to say, I’ve turned countless friends and family members on to CAMP MIX, too.

My favorite is still the Original CAMP MIX; however, the Spud Fixin’ and Lemon Pepper blends are equally at home in my kitchen. And when some sweetening is required, Honey-Cinnamon CAMP MIX sure beats plain old white sugar.

If you’re curious about how this line of seasonings ended up with the name CAMP MIX, the story goes like this …

Tom Trayer and his family have been avid campers for over 50 years. Prior to a trip in 1982, Tom decided to conserve space in his kitchen supply box by mixing the contents of various seasonings into one bottle. After setting up the camp kitchen, Tom informed his fellow campers that if they wanted any kind of seasoning, it was all in that one bottle.

By the end of that weekend, people were literally trying to steal the bottle to take it home. And, as often happens when Tom’s crew gets together, good-natured arguments ensued about what to call this new concoction. CAMP MIX ended up being the clear winner.

After giving his CAMP MIX away for years, Tom turned his homemade concoction into a full-time business. It only made sense to him that the label on the bottles of his original mix would have a drawing of his old camping tent along with his nickname (Tom stands 6 feet 7 inches tall). And that’s how “Too Tall Tom’s Original CAMP MIX” hit the market. 

Several hundred thousand bottles later, CAMP MIX continues to gain in popularity. Once people discover these amazing seasonings, they’re a hard habit to shake!

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