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Is there a natural way to lighten my hair without using those smelly hair dyes from the store?

You can use lemon juice, from either a bottle or real lemons. Comb it through your hair evenly, then let it dry in the sun. Do this once a day for about a week, and you'll see results.

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Does the Moon rise and set in any particular time pattern?

The rising and setting of the Moon is retarded from day to day, but the delay is not consistent. At moonrise, the Moon occupies a particular place in the celestial sphere. Approximately 24 hours later, the Moon has moved to the east in the sphere, so moonrise and moonset occur a little later. In the northern United States, the daily delay can vary from a few minutes to well over an hour.

My tomato plants this year are tall, with lots of foliage but very few fruits. What should I do differently in the future?

Lots of tomato leaves and few fruits usually mean you overdid the nitrogen in the fertilizer.

How can I make clotted cream?

Clotted cream is made by gently heating unpasteurized, unhomogenized cream or rich milk until a semisolid layer of cream forms on the surface. After it cools, you can skim off the thickened cream and refrigerate it.

Why does the barometer rise instead of fall during a northeaster off the Atlantic coast?

The famous and usually nasty "nor'easter" blows from the northeast, against the prevailing southwesterly flow of the Gulf Stream as it flows up the East Coast. A low-pressure area offshore creates strong winds that rotate counterclockwise around the low (sometimes referred to as "left around a low"), accounting for wind direction and intensity. It may appear that the pressure rises, but remember that all air pressure readings are relative to other air pressures. As the center of the low-pressure area, the area of the lowest pressure, passes and moves away, the pressure "rises," but it is still a low-pressure area relative to other air masses.

When did NASA begin using the Hubble Space Telescope?

NASA launched this telescope on April 24, 1990, to enable us to see farther into space than an Earth-based telescope would allow.

How come egg whites whip up best in a copper bowl?

When you use a metal whisk in a copper bowl, you are creating an electrostatic force that reduces both the time and the energy needed to whip up perfectly fluffy whites. The copper helps stabilize the egg whites as well, but a pinch of cream of tartar will do the same job. If you don't have a copper bowl available, stainless steel is the next best thing.

What is a plug nickel, and why isn't it worth much?

The saying "It's not worth a plug nickel" probably comes from the once-common practice of extracting some metal from a coin to be used for other purposes. Coins tampered with in this manner were no longer legal tender and therefore became worthless.

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