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What is the name of the morning star I saw in the eastern sky in October?

It was the planet Venus. When Venus is rising before the Sun in the east, it is called the morning star. When the planet is setting after the sun in the west, it is called the evening star. No other celestial object is officially called the morning or evening star.

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Can you recommend some baits for my Havahart mousetrap? (No cheese, please!)

Mice may pause at a trap for cheese, but they often prefer a less expensive lure or a food that lasts longer. Try tempting them with gumdrops, flour, small nuts, or oatmeal.

How long and how deep is the Lincoln Tunnel leading into New York City from New Jersey?

The Lincoln Tunnel is more than 8,200 feet long and about 100 feet below the Hudson River's surface. It runs between Manhattan Island (39th Street) in New York City and Weehawken, New Jersey.

Why are barbers' poles striped?

In times past, barbers were also surgeons. Among their primary tasks was bloodletting, a remedy thought to cure many diseases. The red-and-white-striped pole originally represented a bleeding arm wrapped in bandages.

I have some old vegetable seeds I'm not sure will still grow. How can I test them?

Arrange a small group of seeds on a double layer of paper towels. Mark the top of the arrangement with a stick pin and then draw a diagram of which seeds you placed where, if you are testing more than one type. Top the seeds with a double layer of moistened paper towels and cover the whole thing with plastic wrap or a plastic bag. After the seeds germinate, lift the towels and record on your diagram how well each seed type sprouted.

Is it true that Benjamin Franklin invented an odometer?

Yes. While Franklin (1706-90) was postmaster in Philadelphia, he created an odometer to measure postal route distances and attached the contraption to his carriage. However, other inventors preceded him. Roman engineer Vitruvius (1st century B.C.) once described an odometer. He is generally credited as the first inventor, although some historians believe that the actual creator was Greek scientist Archimedes (c.287-212 B.C.). 1st century Greek scientist Heron (aka Hero) of Alexandria also described an odometer in his work Dioptra. Chinese scholar Zhang (aka Chang) Heng (78-139 A.D.), invented an odometer, as well. French scientist Blaise Pascal (1623-62) came up with an odometer prototype called the Pascaline, and English engineer Thomas Savery (c.1650-1715) invented an odometer for ships.

Everyone knows that room temperature is about 70 degrees F, but is there a room humidity?

There is. Many home dehumidifier manufacturers set their units to work toward a humidity level of about 40 percent at 70 degrees. At a lower level, breathing can become difficult; at a higher level, mold can grow.

Who are the three oldest people in the Bible?

Among the biblical people whose ages are noted, the three oldest are Methuselah, who lived 969 years; Jared, who lived 962 years; and Noah, who lived 950 years.

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