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April 2022 Weather Forecast: Warming Up to April


The Almanac’s Weather Forecast for April

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It’s time to look at weather predictions for April 2022! Will April showers bring May flowers? Let’s see what sort of spring weather April has in store for us this year.

Oh, how fresh the wind is blowing!
See! the sky is bright and clear,
Oh, how green the grass is growing!
April! April! are you here?

–Dora R. Goodale

April 2022 Weather Forecast

Overall, April temperatures will be warmer than normal across much of the United States. It will be drier than normal along the eastern seaboard and the Appalachians, as well as from the Heartland westward through the High Plains and Intermountain West into the Pacific Southwest. The month will be rainy from the Deep South into Texas and Oklahoma and across central and eastern portions of Hawaii.

In Canada, April temperatures will be warmer than normal; the weather will be wetter than normal across southern Atlantic Canada and southern Ontario and from the Canadian Prairies into eastern British Columbia.

Notable Dates in April

Only an April fool would expect warm and sunny weather on April 1 across the Northeast, as the remnants of winter, refusing to give up, will bring chilly temps along with rain and snow to this region. Cool conditions will extend southward all the way to Florida, while the middle of the country enjoys sunshine and a warm-up. The Pacific Northwest will be rainy, while the Southwest will be sunny and warm. Canada’s eastern provinces will be cold with snow and rain, while the Prairies enjoy sunshine and warmth and British Columbia is cool and wet.

On April 13, Thomas Jefferson’s birthday, the weather will be warm with thunderstorms in Jeffersontown, Kentucky, and Jefferson City, Missouri, so people in these areas will need to keep an eye to the sky.

Folks heading out to Easter mass, parades, and Easter egg hunts on Easter Sunday (April 17) will need jackets and umbrellas across much of the eastern United States, as it will be rainy and cool. Much of the central and western portions of the nation will enjoy sunny and mild conditions, while it will be rainy across southern Alaska and much of Hawaii. In Canada, the eastern provinces will be cool and rainy while the West is sunny and mild.

Much of Texas will be sunny and warm on April 21, San Jacinto Day. If you’re heading outdoors to parades and festivities, be sure to stay hydrated.

Earth Day, April 22, will see showers from the Atlantic Coast westward across the Ohio Valley through the Heartland into the High Plains. The Deep South and Southwest will be sunny and warm. Umbrellas will come in handy along the West Coast, with rainfall from Washington State down into California. Unsettled weather will occur across much of Canada, with rounds of showers from Atlantic Canada across southern Ontario and the Prairies into British Columbia. Expect sunny and dry conditions over the Northwest Territories and snow flurries over the Yukon.

On April 24, we celebrate the birthday of Robert B. Thomas—the founder of The Old Farmer’s Almanac. Wet weather will be the rule on that day across much of the United States and Canada, with the exception of Thomas Lake, Florida, where it will be sunny and dry.

April 29 is National Arbor Day, when rainfall for thirsty trees will be bountiful across much of the United States. One area that will be sunny and dry for tree-planting will be the Northeast. Elsewhere, thunderstorms will erupt from Florida and the Southeast across the Deep South into the southern Plains and the Heartland. The eastern provinces of Canada will see scattered showers and cool conditions, while rain will prevail across much of central and western Canada.

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April Weather Lore

On the edge of winter and spring, April graces us with warmer days that hint at what’s to come—but often reminds us that winter isn’t done just yet!

In addition to the famous “April showers bring May flowers,” there are a number of proverbs that speak of April weather:

Cloudy April, dewy May.

When April blows his horn,
It’s good for hay and corn.

A dry March, wet April, and cool May,
Fill barn, cellar, and bring much hay.

And, of course, we can’t resist including this gardening advice:

Plant your ‘taters when you will,
They won’t come up before April.

Only time will tell if these proverbs hold true this year. Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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