Tide Chart for Rainier, OR

Tides for Longview, Washington for February 24, 2021
 are availabe at local river forecast centers. The data
s above Harrngton Point apply only during low river
ere is a tidl influence along most of the length of the
ver.  Howeve, that influence becomes smaller at greater
rom the Paciic Ocean.  We are able to provide predictions
s and heightof tides from the Columbia River Entrance to
Point, Washigton.  Above Harrington Point, although there
tidal influece and we can predict the times of the high
es, the wate levels experienced are more a result of
flow in the iver than the astronomical tides. It is for
 that the heghts of both high and low tides along the
ver, above Hrrington Point, are set to a value of 0.0
 this statio should be disregarded--use times only.
 2:17 A.M. PST  7.00 feet  High Tide
 9:18 A.M. PST  3.67 feet  Low Tide
 1:15 P.M. PST  8.57 feet  High Tide
10:21 P.M. PST -0.09 feet  Low Tide
Tide Graph for Longview, Washington

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