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Plan With Us: Your Veggie Garden Starts Here!

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It's time to plan your garden!

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Have you made your garden plan? Now that it’s early spring, let’s get motivated and walk around the garden to visualize your plans and bring them to life. 

Even if the weather outside is frightful, planning your garden is so delightful! Now is your chance to let your imagination run wild and create plans for that garden of Eden you’ve always wanted. Time to get inspired! 

Ben helps us understand how to plan by sharing his hopes and dreams for his own garden. Our trusty online Garden Planner is now iPad compatible; Ben also demonstrates how you can take the garden with you and bring your plans into being.

The Online Garden Planner

1. iPad-Compatible Garden Planner

The online Garden Planner is portable, you have total flexibility to take garden planning (and plans!) anywhere, anytime! .

  • Plan from the comfort of your couch. Meet up with other gardeners, bringing your tablet.
  • Bring the plans with you to the garden. Plan, update, and track your garden planting, growing, and harvesting on the fly . .

2. Evidence-Based Companion Planting

The online Garden Planner includes a new Evidence-Based Companion Planting system. When it comes to what grows well together, old wives’ tales often mix with actual good advice to sow confusion!

Now you can not only apply the companion planting technique, but also know that you’re using proven, reliable information, based on agricultural research on which plants help and are helped by each other. No guesswork needed! We’ve done all the research so you don’t have to. Plus, the Garden Planner software makes applying this wisdom so simple with an integrated “companion planting” feature; it just takes the touch of a finger.

3. Track Progress With the Garden Journal

Becoming a better gardener is all about learning from your own garden. The “Garden Journal” tool now allows users to effortlessly record their garden’s progress right from a smartphone, iPad, or computer!

It’s so fun and useful to take photos right in the garden and add notes along the way. This way, you have all the photos and notes in the context of your garden’s progress! The Garden Planner will summarize each plant’s progress for next year’s planning. Then, when planning on your computer or iPad, the Garden Planner shows a complete summary of what worked and how much you harvested.

More Information About the Garden Planner

The Old Farmer’s Almanac Garden Planner is the #1 software in its class and there’s a clear reason why. Crafted and refined over years of research and development, the Garden Planner combines easy-to-use technology with the best information on everything gardening to create a personalized experience that’s actually useful to the home gardener, no matter the size of their planting space. 

In addition, The Old Farmer’s Almanac Garden Planner features:

  • Smart, flexible, and adaptive design options that allow gardeners to easily draw beds and add/remove/move plants or other garden and landscape features such as greenhouses, cold frames, row covers, and more.
  • A database of over 250 vegetables, fruit, herbs, and flowers! For the beginning gardener, a simple click of a button will bring up the easiest options to set you up for success. In addition, gardeners can quickly find the best plants for their garden based on criteria like sunlight, soil, crop rotation, planting dates, and more!
  • Intelligent support that automatically calculates how many plants will fit in a specific space and creates a complete shopping list.
  • Detailed pest and disease information to allow gardeners to stay one step ahead and keep plants healthy and productive.
  • Personalized planting charts that show how much of each plant is required and when to sow, plant, and harvest. To keep gardeners on track, the Garden Planner can also send tailored planting reminder emails twice a month.
  • Hundreds of sample garden plan layouts. This feature alone is so inspiring! Search to see what others are growing and to get ideas from similar gardens. 
  • Access to hundreds of in-depth articles and videos on a variety of gardening topics and techniques. The gardening tutorial videos are incredibly informational and accessible!

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