Gigantic Gardening Giveaway

BeeWithMe April 2018 Giveaway

Turn your garden into POLLINATOR HEAVEN! Enter our biggest giveaway of the year for a chance to win this amazing pollinator garden package worth more than $1000!

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thanks for email

Hi i am new to farmers almanac looking forward to learning new ways to help me produce food, have a request how can I get rid of cockatoo's raiding my garden they are eating my passionfruit panama gold and chilli plants ...they are 16 out their at the moment.....

Vegetable & Flower garden

It's ben such a long winter & spring, I can't wait for warm weather to get outside and get my hands dirty.

Great for my grandchildren

I've been an organic gardener since the first Earth Day in 1970. I love to see how excited my grand children look when they see my flowers.


This is an amazing opportunity to win a set of products that will benefit the area you live in greatly. Hopefully it will inspire others around to pitch in, ask questions and be more mindful of what's happening to the environment.


It is good to discover the best flowers and plants for our birds and bees.


This contest is just the opportunity a beginning gardener needs to encourage them and to make gardening more affordable for them. And, the prize is to die for! Thank you Almanac!


WE need to look to nature for more of our answers to issues confronting our society and increase our respect and support for all living creatures.

Thank you

Thank you for this opportunity to enter a wonderful contest. I have trusted the farmers Almanac for years.


Thank you for this wonderful opportunity to win this amazing Prize Package. I am a nature lover, and gardening is my hobby and passion. Winning this prize will help me create my dream garden with the perfect eco-system,


This package would be awesome. I could share with my daughter and daughter in law!!! The grandkids could help too. Your site is great!!

Farmer's Almanac articles

Thank you for all the wonderful articles, I have learned so much from them.


good stuff

Retired and starting a new hobby

My wife and I are retired and are planning to start a new flower garden. It would bee fantastic to win this prize to get started and have a feeding area for all the bees and birds to come and visit with us.

Pollinators Prize package

I would be sooo excited to win this package!!!


I lost my bees last year and would love a second opportunity to welcome them back into my garden!

As someone who's grandfather

As someone who's grandfather was a new keeper, I have a great appreciation of bees. I'm excited to see the new house and plan on making a couple. I will always tell folks that
bees aren't aggressive unless they are provoked.

For my parents

I would love to win this contest and give it to my parents. Two people that were born in Philadelphia Pa but have Country Hearts!

I have learned to appreciate

I have learned to appreciate bees and want to do everything I can to increase them.

Bee houses

I would love to welcome these wonderful helpers of the Earth to my yard and family. I have been a honey lover and bee lover for years and want to have an opportunity to give back.

Pollinator prairie project

I would be thrilled to win this package! We have been working diligently since last year to create a pollinator Haven! We have seeded 750 native prairie seeds and will be planting 200 native Prairie plugs and grasses in a few weeks. We had two bee hives last year That unfortunately we completely wiped out by greedy yellow jackets. The hives and new colonies will be returning next year but we want to continue to do all we can for our friendly wild pollinators… Not just our honeybee friends!


Recently have been reading about bee houses. Would LOVE to win one to start my journey to help these little guys!


First let me thank you for being there Almanac and thank you for such a wonderful opportunity! We need to revitalize and rejuvenate our pollinators!No thanks to Monsanto or DuPont or any of the rest of them for providing the pollutants that are killing our planet. We must UNITE, STAND FIRM IN OUR EFFORTS, BE DILIGENT IN CARING FOR OUR PLANET. AGAIN THANK YOU!

Awesome Opportunitty

My daughter attends a private school that incorporates a nature based learning system. They have a bee hive (with a glass wall to observe from inside the classroom), green house, gardens, ponds, outdoor classrooms, etc. At home, we are trying to incorporate the same good stewardship of our property, maintaining a safe habitat, and welcoming new birds, bees, and wildlife. Thank you for this awesome opportunitty, even if it’s a long shot! :)

Bee contest

Thank you all for promoting this contest to make a positive impact on our bee populations. As a beekeeper it's always on my mind of what are the girls bringing in, where's it coming from, and does it contain anything that will harm them going forward? Washington needs to take a serious proactive approach to banning neonicotinoids from our Nation. I saw a report that the Rust haired bumble bee has disappeared from the Smokey Mountain National Forest. Our pollenators need help!


Thank you for the opportunity to enter for this amazing pollinator package. Since they are allow the use of neonicnoides for spraying crops a lot of the bees are dying off and we have been trying to plant as many pollinator plants in our gardens to help save the bees. This package would be a great addition to our efforts. Thanks again.


Thank you my hillbank could use more flowers. I love gardening.


Since retiring I was told I needed a hobby. My interest in gardening has more than blossomed. We have implemented square foot gardening as well as a variety of other gardens here at home. Since then gardening has become a passion. I’ve been asked to manage our local hospital’s 26 acre park and pond where we are developing therapeutic gardens, vegetable gardens for our local students and large hydroponic systems. We are also consulting with Audubon and Ducks Unlimited to establish waterfowl and wildlife sanctuary.We are also planning pollinator gardens and specifically butterfly gardens.


Thank you for the opportunity to win this amazing gift package. I recently moved into this home and am attempting to update the landscaping with plants that will sustain the birds, butterflies, bees and hummingbirds. As well as grow a small vegetable garden. This would be an awesome win!!!


Thanks for the opportunity to win this fabulous treasure! I LOVE vibrant colors in my flower garden, but don't always know where to place them. So I have to thank you also for the idea book you sent me with lots of flower gardens to choose from!


this seems the best contest for me as I am going to try gardening really for the first time thankyou