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Beets: The Summer Vegetable That Can't Be Beat!

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Nothing beats a tasty beet! They are also very nutritious. They are good for cardiovascular and liver health, proven to lower the risk of certain cancers, and helpful in boosting energy levels. Below are some fun facts to enjoy about this power veggie!

Beets: The Summer Vegetable That Can’t Be Beat!

When beets were first discovered to be edible, their greens were most valued. Now, however, most people think the beetroot is the best. Red beets are the most popular, but they also come in yellow or white. They can be golf ball size or as big as a baseball. For details on planting and harvesting beets, click here.

Fun Facts:

  • In Australia, pickled beets are served on hamburgers rather than cucumber pickles.
  • During World War II, beets proved to be the vegetable that dehydrated the best for use as a ration.
  • In colonial times, beet dye was used to add color to icing for cakes and to make pink pancakes.
  • Beet dye is used now for lemonade, tomato sauce on frozen pizzas, and in the ink butchers use to label meat.
  • In 1975 when the Apollo 18 spacecraft and the Soviet Union’s Soyuz 19 linked up in space, the cosmonauts served the astronauts beet soup  squeezed from tubes.





Or you can try a simple beet and veggie salad!