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Blog: My Feathery Friends

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Through the summer, I have suet hanging on a hook on my deck next to the hummingbird feeder. I can see the feeders from my kitchen table and have enjoyed the best bird watching in years.

In addition to many hummingbirds, a downy woodpecker family has visited my deck every day. The mother and father have been taking such good care of the two babies (teenagers now). I have heard the hungry shrill screeches for food and seen mommy or daddy hurry to get some suet in their beaks to feed the starving youngsters. Now as teenagers they can help themselves to the suet, but if one of the parents is close by they still beg for food and the parent obliges.

I have also seen chickadees, gold finches, and starlings come to my deck but it has been all about the woodpeckers in the summer.

What birds do you see in your backyard?

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