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Blog: Summer Reading

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There is something special about summer reading. Sitting back in the porch rocker with a glass of iced tea sweating on the table next to you…heaven!

Now imagine this— you are completely immersed in a book. You cannot put it down. You have totally unplugged yourself from the television, phone, and computer. You deprive yourself of sleep so you can read just one more chapter. And then you get to the last page. And you hate the ending!

I recently found myself in this situation. I wish I’d stopped reading the book about 85% through because it was such a wonderful story, until the end. Has this happened to you? Does it turn you off to that author? Would you still recommend the book to a fellow reader because it was terrific until the last 50 pages? We want to know what you would do or what you did in this circumstance. It would be great to hear what you're reading, too.

P.S. I did start another book by this same author. If it happens again, I’m done with her!

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