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Blog: Your Backyard Birds: What Birds Have You Seen?

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Cinderella Morff
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At breakfast, I sit near my backyard window and listen to birds’ sweet songs in the morning light.

Did you know that birds are one of the best cues to the length of a day? The changing daylight has a hormonal trigger in birds, and starts them whistling.

Our wooded backyard draws all kinds of birds; my favorites are the tiny jeweled hummingbirds who are attracted by our bee balm and other plants. (On the gardening page, you can find our guide on best shrubs and trees for birds as well as best plants to attract hummingbirds.)

I also love the loons who come to breed and nest on our lake. In fact, the land jutting out next to our cove is called “Loon’s Point.” The loons have an eerie, haunting call that echoes across the water.

If you wonder which bird is singing a song, click here for our Birds Sounds

What birds have you seen or heard in your backyard? Please share below! Just type in the box and “submit comment.”


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