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February 18, 2015

Those little birdies in your backyard are hungry! Here’s a fantastic, fun, and inexpensive way to make a birdfeeder, courtesy of The Old Farmer’s Almanac for Kids. This is a fun activity for the whole family, and the birds will surely visit often! February: National Birdfeeding Month (U.S.) To Make a Feeder: Remove the label from a clean, dry, 2-liter soda bottle with cap. Tie a piece of cord or wire around the neck of the bottle so that you will be able to hang the feeder. Make perches... more

February 16, 2015

It has certainly been a snow-filled year for many parts of the nation. Whether you got only a sprinkling of snow or an extreme downfall, test your winter knowledge skills to see how much you know about the frosty flakes! Test Your Winter Knowledge Test Yourself! 1. If you have been out in the cold and are afraid that you have frostbite, you should rub the affected area with snow. True or False? 2. How many sides does a regular snow crystal have? a. Four b. Five c. Six d. Eight 3. Car A and Car... more

February 11, 2015

Sowing is one thing; transplanting young seedlings is an equally tricky business with its own rules for success. Here are a few of them from The Old Farmer’s Almanac Book of Garden Wisdom! Tips for Transplanting Handle with care. This is the time to have a tender touch and all supplies at hand. Choose your moment. The best time to do it is on a misty or cloudy day or late in the afternoon when the sun is low. Make contact. Poke a hole in loose soil and press the roots firmly in... more

February 2, 2015

On Valentine’s Day—in fact, on any day!—candy is dandy but chocolate is nonpareil. Several years ago, it was the special ingredient in the Almanac’s Reader Recipe Contest, and we received a flood of entries. The first recipe here is one of the winners. Following it are chocolate recipes from the February Monthly that are near and dear to our sweet hearts. Chicken in Chocolate Sauce Piquante CHICKEN: 1 chicken, cut into four pieces 1 tablespoon butter or margarine, softened 1 teaspoon... more

January 28, 2015

Old Farmer’s Almanac readers are always happy to share time- and money-saving tricks for you to try out in your garden! For even more gardening tips and to discover the best days to start planting, check out our current edition. Green Thumbs’ Tell-All Tales For Quick Compost … • Put fruit and vegetable peels into the blender, add water, and process. Spread around fruit trees, in pots, and around the herb garden. When Starting Seeds, Use … • Old ice cube trays, plastic trays from microwavable... more

January 26, 2015

Never hurts to try out some new baking tips! These were taken from The Old Farmer’s Almanac Everyday Baking cookbook. You can find even more tips and helpful tricks in our Comfort Food cookbook! Try Our Baking Tips! A Good Turn for Your Pie • Ken Haedrich recommends rotating pies 180 degrees midway through the baking. The back of most ovens is typically hotter than the front. Rotating helps baked goods to cook evenly and balances the surface browning. Coming Up Short with Toothpick... more

January 21, 2015

Do you know your onions? Cooking Fresh breaks it down, defining different types of onions that are definitely worth trying! Cooking Fresh: Know Your Onions DRY, OR BULB, ONIONS include spring/summer sweet onions, such as Vidalia and Bermuda, and the stronger-flavor, fall/winter storage onions, such as Yellow Globe. They may be white, red, or yellow and are harvested after the tops have died down. Sweet onions have thin skins and a mild taste that makes them perfect for eating raw or using... more

January 19, 2015

Dried tomatoes add color and flavor to salads, pizza, soups, pesto, and sauces. Paste types work best, as they have less water. Cooking Fresh: How to Oven-Dry Tomatoes Preheat the oven to 150 degrees Fahrenheit. Wash about 5 pounds of tomatoes. Peel the skins, if desired. Remove the stems and blemishes. Cut the tomatoes in half, take out the seeds, and then cut the halves into ½- to ¾-inch slices. Place the tomato slices on cookie sheets such that they do not touch each other.... more

January 12, 2015

Our new Cooking Fresh book-agazine features dishes that simple, delicious, fresh, and fast—that's this collection of more than 160 recipes for soups, salads, side dishes, main dishes, and desserts. These recipes help to turn nutritious, garden-fresh ingredients (from asparagus to zucchini) into delicious menus, meals, and treats for family and friends. Sprinkled throughout are hints and tips to help cooks enjoy the just-picked flavor and benefits of the ingredients. Cooking Fresh Tips & ... more

January 7, 2015

Each month The Old Farmer’s Almanac Engagement Calendar 2015 features animal signs of the Chinese zodiac. Read below to see if you match your birth profile! Animals Signs of the Chinese Zodiac January: Rat BIRTH PROFILE: Ambitious and sincere, you can be generous with your money. You are compatible with the dragon and the monkey, and your opposite is the horse. February: Ox or Buffalo BIRTH PROFILE: A leader, you are bright, patient, and cheerful. You are compatible with the snake... more


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