Cloud Shapes 3: What Do You See?

By Heidi Stonehill
Jul 20, 2017
Cloud Shape 3
Heidi Stonehill


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Clouds are always changing shape. Occasionally, they’ll morph into a familiar form, such as an animal, plant, or man-made object.

If you like to watch clouds, we invite you to look at the photo here and tell us what recognizable shapes you see. This particular cloud was spotted from the parking lot of The Old Farmer’s Almanac on one fine summer day.

(We’ve enjoyed the imaginative comments about our past postings. Thank you, everyone! Keep them coming and have fun!)

To learn about this popular cloud-sleuthing pastime, visit our first cloud post.

Or, if you’d like to try your hand at another cloud image, visit Cloud Shapes 2

Thank you, and happy cloud watching!

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Before I knew what this was

Before I knew what this was about, I saw a puppy poking it's head out of the laundry. After I read the article I had to comment on it. Lil Bear when he was puppy.

I see that hero monster,

I see that hero monster, Godzilla rising out of the mist roaring and heading toward Toyko, Japan....

I see a turtle head poking

I see a turtle head poking out of it"s shell in the large lower cloud. In the wispy cloud on the upper left, I see a fish.

In the detached upper wispy

In the detached upper wispy cloud--center and to the left: PAC man pursuing a fish and about to gobble up another creature in its line of pursuit.

Cloud: I am looking up (as

I am looking up (as if under water) at a young duck floating overhead. Trees on the bank of the pond are reflected at the water's edge and there are clouds above the young duck's head.
More? Okay. The duckling, whose name is Dennis, is also looking up at the clouds above HIS head. Note the slight upturn of his beak and the position of his left eye. He appears to be thinking, "When will I fly up there with the big ducks?"
Dennis, of course, is just his nickname. His native name is Cepela Taka because his early vocalizing attempts were reminiscent of a cuckoo call. His father, Kahwoke, and mother, Kata, are of the Nebraska Lakota Ducks. Yes, the same Lakota Ducks that pointed Lewis and Clark to the head waters of the Missouri River.
Dennis has adventure in his blood as well.


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