Dreaming of a White Christmas?

Sep 21, 2017
White Christmas

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow.

Melody H.


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Dreaming of white Christmas weather?

For many folks, the quintessential Christmas is one that sees snow flurries on the holiday eve followed by a blanket of fluffy white flakes on Christmas day.  In areas that do not normally see snow, a little chill in the air is usually welcome to set the festive mood.

For the 2014 Christmas season, we at the Almanac believe that we will all get the weather we want—on or in advance of the big event.

The Almanac’s long-range weather forecast for December, calculated and compiled last February, predicts snow, in varying amounts, in much of the Northeast, areas of the mid-Atlantic, large portions of the Ohio Valley, a majority of the Midwest, the eastern slopes of the Rockies, and high-altitude areas of the West.

So, if you’re expecting guests? Going to Grandma’s? Planning to travel? Get the winter weather details for any U.S. region here

Of course, heavy snow accumulation will make skiers, snowmobilers, and other outdoors people—as well as many, many farmers and gardeners—merrier for months. (This specifically means you folks in the Mid-AtlanticLower Lakes and Ohio Valley, and Desert Southwest!

Certainly, a desire to get away from a chilly white Christmas doesn’t make anyone a humbug. Just be aware that with few exceptions, the only relatively mild locales in the continental U.S. will be west of the Rockies

Not surprisingly, Canadian weather delivers a white Christmas with snow, cold, and log fire weatherwith flurries through most of the country, a possible snowstorm in southern Ontario, and possible sprinkles along the west coastal area. 

If you can’t decide where to land, follow Santa to above-normal temperatures in Alaska or to the eternal sunshine of Hawaii.

Here at the Almanac headquarters in Dublin, New Hampshire, we’ve had snow for weeks (see our office parking lot in real time). We’re livin’ the white Christmas dream and don’t expect to wake up until March. 

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would love updates on weather

would love updates on weather

Unfortunately for where I

Unfortunately for where I live, there's no White Christmas in store. I live in New Jersey and we're expecting to get a lot of rain on Christmas Eve. Rain, no snow. It certainly won't feel like Christmas around here. I haven't seen a White Christmas around here in quite a few years now. And, it bothers me that we're unlucky enough to not have a White Christmas. I keep hoping, wishing, and dreaming of a White Christmas each year. And, ever since who knows when, the ground is always bare on Christmas Day. I remember getting a few of them when I was young back in the 1980s and even a few in the 1990s. Haven't seen any since then, I think. Certainly none since the 21st century. That much, I'm sure of. What's going on with the weather?

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