Almanac History: Puzzles

Jul 20, 2017
Puzzle 7


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In 1970, The Old Farmer’s Almanac released America and her Almanacs, a book that takes a look back at the many editions released throughout the years.

It includes a few of our favorite puzzles published from way back in the day, so we decided to go back in time and see if we could solve these puzzles today! Can you?

Almanac History: Puzzles

In our 1963 edition of The Old Farmer’s Almanac, we published the following puzzle:

*This is a direct replica of what was published; unfortunately we are no longer replying to addressed envelopes.

This one little puzzle brought more comments and mail than anything else in the edition. Puzzles have been a popular feature of Almanacs for as far back as most casual fans will care to look. Accompanying them, usually, were the familiar Rebuses, Conundrums, Charades, etc. Below is an example:

Answers to the puzzle: (1) A man can not gather grapes from thistles. (2) A penny saved is a penny earned. (3) Owl (O + UU + L). (4) Tradewinds. (5) W HAIR over each eye (i) n gander or a bound will p over t and v ice beef hound (Where overreaching and error abound, will poverty and vice be found). (6) He is amending the public ways. (7) Mate, ate, mat, ma, am. (8) Colony. (9) Monosyllable. (10) Grate. (11) Horsemanship. (12) Short. (13) Hew hop lace S C on F I dents in awl purse on swill short L y C on F I D E in no body. (He who places confidents in all persons will shortly confide in nobody.) (14) A ditch.

Here is an example of the Picture Puzzle. The one below is from Vennor’s Weather Almanac of 1883 and, as you will note from the caption, you are supposed to find some 21 different animals.


A careful inspection of the hidden beauties of the above weird landscape will show illustrations of the following named animals: Lion, Tiger, Rhinoceros, Elephant, Mule, Alligator, Wolf, Fox, Porcupine, Bull, Beaver, Monkey, Dog, Giraffe, Camel, Eagle, Owl, Parrot, Deer, Snake, and Duck.

We hope that you enjoyed this flashback in history, and if you would like to partake in some modern-day puzzles check out Puzzles & Pleasantries!

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