August Monthly Preview

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The August issue of The Old Farmer’s Almanac Monthly digital magazine has arrived; just in time to help you make the most of the hottest time of year. See below for a small preview of what’s in store for this month.

August Monthly Preview

Sorbet: A Sweet Summer Savior

This month’s issue gives you the scoop on the easiest method to make this delicious treat.

Making sorbet does not have to be a hassle anymore! Learn the foolproof way to make sorbet at home without an ice cream machine, without having to constantly stir it. You just need ice cube trays and a food processor!

Raspberry Sorbet. Photo credit:  Lesya Dolyuk/

Anniversary of the Great Charleston Quake

Discover the details of the massive earthquake that took place in Charleston, South Carolina, on August 31, 1886

This quake was one the most damaging in the southeastern United States; damages extended as far as central Alabama and Ohio, eastern Kentucky, southern Virginia, and western West Virginia. Sixty people died. Learn the stories of individuals affected by this natural disaster and how it compares to those of today.

Aftermath of the Charleston Earthquake. Photo credit: The U.S. Geological Survey Library.

Herbs: The Secret to a Carefree Lawn

Put the lawn mower away next summer! You won’t need it when you replace your grass with an herbal lawn

Next summer, alternatives to grass will save you time and effort. Thyme is a great natural carpet for a lawn, especially when planted with various drought-tolerant grasses. Find more grass substitutes in the Monthly.

The Moon, the Planets, and the Weather!

In this month’s issue, learn when the full Moon is, the movement of planets, and what you can expect the weather to do

August’s full Moon is the Full Sturgeon Moon, and it occurs on August 29. Venus will be in inferior conjunction on August 15 (what’s that mean? Subscribe to find out!). As the old saying goes, “If the first week of August is unusually warm, the winter will be white and long.” There is a detailed region-by-region August forecast in this month’s issue!

Be sure to subscribe to The Old Farmer’s Almanac Monthly, a monthly digital magazine for your tablet and computer. In this month's edition, you'll find more about the subjects above and much, much more!

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