Book of Weather Lore: May

By The Old Farmer's Almanac
Jul 20, 2017
Rainclouds over Farm Field

Rains coming in over a local field

Claudia Gregoire


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Some people rely more on weather lore than the weatherman. Here are some of our favorites, courtesy of The Old Farmer’s Almanac: Book of Weather Lore. 

Do you believe in this age-old lore? Share your thoughts—and any lore that comes to mind—in the comments below.

Book of Weather Lore: May

Dry May, wet June.

Cold, wet May,
Barn full of hay.

A cold May and a windy
Makes a barn full and findy.
(“Findy” means plentiful and substantial.)

A May flood never did anyone good.

Cold weather always falls on May 11, 12, and 13.

St. Pancras Day (May 12) never passes without frost.

More Weather Lore:

When a cat washes her face over her ear,
’Tis a sign the weather will be fine and clear.

Clouds moving in opposite directions mean rain in about 12 hours.

When apple blossoms bloom at night,
For 15 days no rain in sight.

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Hello, My name is Long Wong


My name is Long Wong Charlie, and I've just uploaded a novel on Amazon called "All Good Dragons Have Wonton for Breakfast".

I know that spending money on books is the worst investment one can think of nowadays, but I figured I'd try selling my first boat-shattering love-fest, as what is done is done. Can you dig it.

Back to my hole,

I love the weather folklore

I love the weather folklore provided by the almanac.

in regard to the three chilly long as I have been paying attention, there has been a frost during this period and I usually wait for them to pass before getting too far into my plantings for the year.

this year looks like the exception, the long term forecast looks quite warm.

When ants build a wall around

When ants build a wall around the entrance to their hole, it's going to rain.

When the leaves on the trees turn upside-down, it's going to rain.

I, too, have heard of the

I, too, have heard of the leaves turning upside down when rain is imminent.

If there is no dew on the

If there is no dew on the grass, chance of rain that day.

Blackberry Winter: It will be colder than average when the blackberries bloom.

If it thunders in February

If it thunders in February ,it will frost that date in May.
If it rains the first three days of June, the black berries will to puny .

More weather lore: "The

More weather lore:

"The weather on Easter foretells the weather on Whitsunday (Pentecost.)"

"If the geese at Martin’s Day (November 11) stand on ice, they will walk in mud at Christmas."

My grandmother, born on

My grandmother, born on Georgia farm in 1901, always said "if the cows are lying down, it's going to rain".

Oh yes, if the cows are

Oh yes, if the cows are laying down it is indeed going to rain


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