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The Old Farmer’s Almanac February Monthly covers everything from this month’s sky map to Valentine’s Day facts and folklore! Have you ever wondered if there are tricks to finding that perfect person with whom you will live out the rest of your days? We’ve got the answer for you in this month’s edition!


February, a form
Pale-vestured, wildly fair,—
One of the North Wind’s daughters,
With icicles in her hair.
–Edgar Fawcett, American poet (1847–1904)

Credit: Martha Lind

This month’s full Moon, the Full Snow Moon, occurs on February 3 at 6:09 P.M. EST.

Getting Married in February?


Did you know? During medieval times, small cakes were piled high on a table at the wedding reception. The bride and groom kissed over the top of the stack, trying not to knock it down. If they were successful, it was a sign of future prosperity.

ENTER TO WIN: Participate in our annual Wedding Photo Contest! You can submit photos at any time of day or night, year-round. In June, one lucky couple will receive a bundle of Almanac products including The Old Farmer’s Almanac, an Almanac cookbook, and more.

Love-Struck or Romance?

We’ve compiled a few of our favorite little romance tidbits that you should know in honor of Valentine’s Day! This includes a list of kisses that monks of the Middle Ages evaluated and named for their distinctness, such as the slipper kiss, practiced on tyrants! Interested in learning how to find your perfect mate as well? We’ve got the answer (and it is sure to surprise you)!

Get your copy of the February Monthly Digital Magazine here!

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