Fruit Facial

By The Old Farmer's Almanac
May 10, 2017
Growing Grapes
Virginia Carter


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Are you in need of a refreshing facial? Regular cleansing removes surface dirt and oils, but facial masks clean out the toxins that are found deep in pores—and you can make one at home using ingredients from your pantry! From the Old Farmer’s Almanac, here are instructions for an easy, at-home facial mask!

Fruit Facial

This nutrient-rich cleansing facial mask contains many of the same age-defying ingredients—such as alpha hydroxy acid (in grapes), vitamin B (in cranberries), and vitamin C (in grapefruit)—that are found in store-bought products. Gelatin, which is often used in commercial facial peels, dries and stiffens. When it is peeled off, it helps to remove dead skin and unclog pores.

1 cup crushed seedless red grapes
1 cup crushed fresh cranberries
2 teaspoons grapefruit juice
1 envelope unflavored gelatin

Mix the ingredients together in a bowl until they form a paste. Cover and refrigerate for 45 minutes to let the mixture thicken. Remove from the refrigerator and let warm to room temperature. Spread the mixture on washed, dry skin. Sit or lie down for 15 minutes, then rinse off with warm water.

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Do you have anything that

Do you have anything that will remove UGLY?

Awesome! I will try that

Awesome! I will try that fruit facial recipe, it looks great. There are actually quite a few natural facials or face masks you can try for a variety of different things. I found a great article which has many more natural facials. Check out "home remedies log dot com" and look for the "kitchen remedies" article page.


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