The October Almanac Monthly Digital Magazine *Special Halloween Edition*

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October is the first full month of the fall season…and you know what that means! Pumpkin and Halloween EVERYTHING! The special October edition of The Old Farmer’s Almanac Monthly Digital Magazine has everything you’ll need for this creepy, crawly, and pumpkin flavored month. Here is a sneak peek!

The October Almanac Monthly Digital Magazine
*Special Halloween Edition*

Why do we have Halloween?
SAMHAIN, the Celtic word for “summer’s end,” marked the beginning of winter for the ancient Celts. Many historians believe that it served as the start of the new year in the Celtic calendar. It was the day when the cattle were brought in from pasture; those needed for the winter’s supply of meat would be slaughtered. Since Samhain was the death-night of the old year, it came to be associated with ghosts and graveyards. It has happier associations, too, such as apple bobbing, which was a form of telling fortunes for the new year.
What’s a Party Without a Pumpkin?
The centerpiece of October gardens, farm stands, tables, and front stoops tends to be a brilliant orange orb – the ever-so-familiar pumpkin. Dozens of varieties are grown, and there are almost as many ways to use them. This month’s Almanac Monthly edition shares a few of our favorite varieties, with their best use.

Treats for Tricksters
This year, treat the neighborhood ghosts and goblins and pirates and princesses to some uncommon treats. We’ve got four fun and easy recipes that will stand out as the most memorable Halloween loot.

The Scariest-Named Insects
The Halloween Beetle, the Twice-Stabbed Lady Beetle, the Black Witch Moth, and the Assassin Fly? Learn all about the scariest-named insects in the world in this month’s magazine.

The October edition of The Old Farmer's Almanac Monthly Digital Magazine is now available here!

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Halloween & Christmas Edition

Needing Magazine editions for Halloween

Great, great publication!!!

Great, great publication!!!

Do you ever put out a paper

Do you ever put out a paper form of the Halloween Edition?

Hi Janet, At this time, we

Hi Janet, At this time, we are only able to produce a digital version of the "Monthly." We do have a computer (desktop)-compatible format and you can print any of the pages that you'd like to keep. However, the only true printed paper publication is The 2015 Old Farmer's Almanac, our annual book. --Your OFA editors

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