The Origin of the X-Rated Greeting Card



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Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day! We here at The Old Farmer’s Almanac love to talk about…LOVE! In fact we even created a whole book on the topic entitled “The Book of Love” which covers everything from tips on planning your wedding to mastering over 20 different kisses! We also take a look back to previous centuries and you’ll be surprised by what their Valentines cards consisted of!

The Origin of the X-Rated Greeting Card

For those lovers who had trouble composing their own verse in the late 1700’s, there was a book called The Young Man’s Valentine Writer, which offered all sorts of sentimental words for the taking. When, in the next century, postal rates went down, suitors found it more affordable to buy and send the new mass-produced cards.

That practice allowed admirers the option of anonymity and came with it an air of intrigue. Post cards got racier. “The burgeoning number of obscene valentines caused several countries to ban the practice of exchanging cards,” Panati’s Extrordinary Origins of Everyday Things tells us. “In Chicago, for instance, in the late nineteenth century, the post office rejected some twenty-five thousand cards on the ground that they were not fit to be carried through the U.S. mail.”

And you thought pornography was a modern problem.

Facts & Folklore about Love from The Old Farmer’s Almanac

  • A baby conceived in the light of the moon (new moon to full moon) will be a boy. A baby conceived in the dark of the moon (full moon to new moon) will be a girl. 
  • There’s never a cut, nor a scratch, nor a bump, but a mother can kiss it well.
  • Do not try to preserve your name by writing it on the trucks of trees or upon the walls of old buildings, but write it in the memories and affections of your friends by your uprightness and sweetness of character.
  • Converse always with your female friends as if a gentleman were of the party, and with young men as if your female companions were present.
  • Southern accents may be the sexiest, but Boston accents are the smartest. Those are two results of a survey conducted for Hyundai Motor America. In addition to being the sexiest, southern accents were also the most liked and most recognizable. 

For more fun facts and folklore check out the latest edition of The Old Farmer’s Almanac!

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