Best Uses for Peanut Butter

Unusual Ways to Use Peanut Butter Around the House

Apr 16, 2018
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Peanut butter sure is delicious, but did you know that it’s useful, too? From shaving cream and leather polish to mousetrap bait, here are some of the best uses for peanut butter.

Warning: If you or a family member suffers from a peanut allergy, please do not try these solutions.

According to the National Peanut Board, Dr. George Washington Carver developed more than 300 products from the humble peanut. They include face powder, shampoo, paper, shaving cream, hand lotion, insecticides, glue, charcoal, rubber, nitroglycerin, plastics, and axle grease.

Household Uses for Peanut Butter

Today’s peanut butter, a staple in most pantries, can serve an astonishing variety of household purposes. Try these:

  • Use a bit of peanut butter on a cotton cloth to rub off label adhesives.
  • Massage a bit of peanut butter into hair to remove a wad of chewing gum.
  • Use a thin coat as a substitute for shaving cream. (Really! Hydrates and moisturizes.)
  • Polish leather and vinyl items using a bit of peanut butter on a cotton cloth. Buffs up wooden items, too.
  • Hang pinecones stuffed with a mixture of peanut butter and coarse cornmeal as a treat for winter birds.
  • Smear it on garden tools (including wooden handles) as a winter preservative.
  • Apply it to lawn mower blades as a lubricant.
  • Annoyed by a squeaky door hinge? Rub a bit of peanut butter on the joint to lubricate it and stop the squeak.
  • Spread some on a slice of apple or a scrap of bread for a good mousetrap bait.
  • Encourage your dog to swallow a pill by sticking it into the center of a little gob of peanut butter.

Note: Smooth peanut butter works best for these uses.

Tasty, nutritious, and packed with antioxidants, peanuts-only peanut butter can also serve as a healthy butter alternative. If you like the taste, simply substitute smooth peanut butter for the butter in recipes for baked goods calling for butter.

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peanut butter for dogs or cats

You have to be careful with giving animals peanut butter with their medicine. Some companies have added the dangerous sweetener to it. Xylitol

Peanut butter

Some of those tips sound like they will entice rodents to go into areas you might not want them.
I'd never use peanut butter, for anything other than food, anywhere inside the house. Your hint about rubbing peanut butter on tools sounds like the mice and rats would be moving into the tool shed!

Gum in hair

Really don't want to cut that long hair that has chewing gum stuck in it. It takes a bit of massaging the gum to get it out, but the peanut butter breaks it right down saving the little ones tears for other mishaps from future feats of exploration.

Peanut Butter

Did yah burn the beans? Well pour out the beans into an empty pot... Drain all water... pour in fresh water mix then dump water... Pour in clean water, use two tablespoons full of Peanut Butter in the clean beans... Bring to boil and add new bacon or pork drippings along with spices you normally use cook till done... Chile powder will make them taste good after you start adding seasoning too... If it doesn't work you did something wrong!!! Or just start over boiling a new batch of beans... This is better than going to the store if yah ain't got no more beans...

Where's the recipe for

Where's the recipe for nitroglycerine? (ha ha!)

Sounds reasonable...

Thanks for the tip! I'll try it immediately, Bobby Jo.
I imagine the peanut butter fills in the scratches, as I've used it for that purpose on wooden items many times.

another use for peanut butter,,,

rub peanut butter on a damaged cd or dvd, then wipe off with a clean cloth or paper towel to remove scratches.


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