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October 17, 2017

How do birds know where to migrate to without getting lost? How do they navigate the dark night sky? Read on to discover the secrets of bird migration! In autumn, millions of songbirds migrate at night to their winter homes in Central and South America from breeding grounds in the northern United States and Canada. Warblers, thrushes, and buntings are just some of the species that are night migrants, and occasionally these birds can be observed (with the aid of binoculars) crossing the full... more

October 17, 2017

You open a bag of whole wheat flour, a box of cereal, or a bag of dog food to find little worms or moths or perhaps some webs. Ew! What Are Pantry Moths? You’ve just encountered the Indian meal moth, perhaps the most common among the “pantry pests.” These moths can infest bags or boxes of flour, grains, dried beans, seeds, nuts, cereals, baking chocolate, cake mixes, rice, nuts, dried fruit, dog food, birdseed, teas, herbs, spices, potpourri mixtures, and even decorative wreaths that include... more

October 13, 2017

There are many ways to mask bad smells in your home, but how do you truly get rid of them? Here’s how to get rid of bad smells once and for all! Neuroscientists say humans can distinguish 10,000 scents, though we don’t have names for a lot of them. Our sense of smell—the olfactory sense—brings depth and emotional richness to daily life. Think about the feelings and memories that flow when you catch a whiff of fresh-cut grass or lilacs in bloom, bury your face in a sun-dried bed sheet just off... more

October 12, 2017

You’ve seen herbal vinegars in upscale food boutiques and catalogues, usually stoppered or corked glass jars with sprigs of herbs floating in translucent liquid. Gorgeous. And pricey. Why not make your own herb-inflused vinegar? It’s easy! Why not make your own? Herbal vinegars are inexpensive and easy to make, and you can make different vinegars for different purposes: culinary, medicinal, cosmetic, and even household cleaning. I like to use apple cider vinegar for any product I’m likely to... more

October 5, 2017

A cast iron skillet can last a lifetime—probably several if it’s passed from generation to generation. Here’s how to clean and season a cast iron skillet to keep it in the best possible condition. Cast iron isn’t just renowned for its durability; cooking with it also comes with health benefits. Research has shown that cast iron infuses food with a healthy dose of iron. And take it from me, an anemic gal, cooking on a cast iron skillet is waaaay better than choking back liquid Geritol. It’s... more

October 5, 2017

It’s that time of year again! As temperatures cool, various flies, bugs, and beetles slip into your walls, and sometimes into your home’s interior, trying to find somewhere to stay warm for the winter. They appear suddenly, seemingly out of nowhere, massing (sometimes by the thousands) on the west wall and windows of your kitchen, or perhaps as swarms of lazy flies buzzing annoyingly and aimlessly around the room. If you live in a part of the nation where temperatures can dip below freezing... more

September 25, 2017

Do you ever experience a deafening buildup of ear wax? It usually hits me early in the outdoor swimming season, when water finds its way into my ears. Here’s my favorite method of earwax removal: using olive oil! Earwax Removal with Olive Oil Years ago my doctor recommended an olive-oil and warm-water procedure to remove a buildup of earwax safely at home. When I suspect the wax buildup, I get out my gear: an eye-dropper a hand-held bulb syringe  a little olive oil I sterilize the dropper and... more

September 24, 2017

Fire cider boosts your health with herbs stewed in apple cider vinegar. See how to make this traditional tonic to help ward off cold-weather illnesses. It’s not only super healthy, but also super delicious! What is Fire Cider? Fire cider. The very name sounds like something you might want to try. Essentially, the formula calls for grated fresh horseradish, ginger, garlic, onions, and hot pepper in apple cider vinegar for 3 to 4 weeks, then finishing with honey to balance the acidity. I like... more

September 20, 2017

Eating with the seasons just makes sense. It’s the most delicious and healthiest way to live. Here’s a guide for eating seasonally! When you grow your own food, you are—by its very nature—eating with the seasons. Even if you don’t garden, use the seasons as your backdrop! Food is at its freshest, tastes the best, is most affordable, and has the most nutritious value. Growing what you eat My daughter Molly and her husband recently visited for a long weekend. On the day they arrived, I laid... more

September 17, 2017

There’s no shortage of magazine articles about avoiding the 10-pound winter weight gain, but why do we really put on pounds in the winter—and is it as much as the media suggests? Why do we put on pounds during the winter, anyway? One theory is it’s in our genes. As the days shortened and the weather got cooler, our earliest ancestors’ hormone balance changed, creating the urge to consumer the highest-calorie foods and store body fat against the coming scarcity. Remember that crops had been... more


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