Spring 2013: Weather Chaos

Jan 29, 2016
Floods near Frankfort
NOAA, courtesy of D. Snyder


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Welcome to the spring of 2013! We have something for everyone.

If you want cold, this is the second coldest start to spring since we began keeping national records in the 1890s. Heat? California is sizzling and the high temperatures in the Southwest will be breaking records. If you prefer wet, look to the soggy Midwest. Dry? Officially, 47% of the continental US is in drought conditions and another 13% is dangerously dry. Floods? No one wants floods, but we have record-breaking river levels in the Midwest and weathermen are concerned there will be more when the snow melts.

Normally, I would blather on about the weather, but this month’s weather has been enough to leave me speechless. We are suffering weather whiplash, record-breaking extremes. A picture is worth a thousand words, so look at the roller coaster of weather we have had.

Better yet, readers—please let us know what has been happening for you.

Even as the US has endured some record-breaking rains and floods …

Most of the nation is dry or still suffering from drought.

We have had the second coldest spring in history, with the chilly weather focused on the nation’s interior.

But the heat is coming!

Be careful out there!

Picture − NOAA, courtesy of D. Snyder

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Sorry, Texas, but central VT

Sorry, Texas, but central VT stole your heat, I think! Feels like spring in VA, not spring in VT. The rain is coming, on Thursday, and slightly cooler temps, but it has been hot and dry. Not great for the garden, though...

Enjoy the rain!

Enjoy the rain!



To all Almanac readers; My great love for my fellow travelers compels me too share the truth of what is happening to the planet. There are many who refuse to warn the public.

Please go to arctic-news.blogspot.com if you want to prepare your family.

Safe Journey to my fellow travelers.

We live on the

We live on the Arkansas/Missouri border and we are having some cold wet weather when it normally is 70's this time of year.Last year I planted my garden in March and had a beutiful garden, this year I am holding off on most of my planting to avoid the cold nights - around mid 30's

That sounds smart. Good luck

That sounds smart. Good luck when you finally get your plants into the ground!

I live in South Texas - down

I live in South Texas - down by Corpus Christi. We've had two cold fronts in May and a third one on it's way. Talk about strange weather! Plus, after the weather forcasters said we weren't going to get rain, some parts of my area recieved almost 3" within a couple of days! Definately strange and leaving us speechless in South Texas!

Texas, May and cold -- you

Texas, May and cold -- you almost never find those three words in the same paragraph. You may have been speechless, but I bet the gardeners,farmers and ranchers were grinning from ear to ear.

Interesting! I hope that

Interesting! I hope that everyone had a great and safe weekend,is having a good week and had a nice Cinco De Mayo!

I note the dandelion crop is

I note the dandelion crop is doing well...



Wettest April and third

Wettest April and third wettest month ever recorded in Grand Rapids, MI causing severe flooding. Lakes and ponds have recovered from drought, and we can only hope for normal rainfall this summer. The cold spring may have saved the fruit crops this year -- last year early heat brought out blossoms that were devastated by two severe frosts. We missed our cherries and peaches and apples!

I'm so glad that the drought

I'm so glad that the drought is over in your part of the country! I've had Michigan cherries and they're fantastic.

What a difference a year

What a difference a year makes.
I just hope that this miserable weather pattern with gray skies and chilly temperatures doesen't persist into summer in the eastern states. This is too much rain! Do you see anything pointing to a year without a summer? Its nice to break the drought but not like this

Expect some summer! This year

Expect some summer! This year is a year of extremes. Given the temperatures in the Atlantic, we'll probably be complaining about the heat this July!

Evelyn, Are you on Facebook?

Are you on Facebook? I'd really like to follow you :)


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