Bring Out the Kids 2013 Old Farmer's Almanac All Seasons Garden Guide | The Old Farmer's Almanac

Bring Out The Kids and You'll Bring Out The Kid In You

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Your home landscape presents numerous opportunities to teach kids about nature and gardening in ways that are fun for both them and you. With The 2013 Old Farmer’s Almanac All-Seasons Garden Guide, you can make the entire yard a discovery zone, with places to explore and enjoy!

Make Edibles Fun With:

  • Surprising Colors: ‘Golden India’ edible pod peas, ‘Green Zebra’ striped heirloom tomatoes, Purple string beans, ‘Sweet Dumpling’ squash
  • Kid-Size Harvests: ‘Flying Saucer’ summer squashes, ‘Jack-Be-Little’ pumpkins, ‘Thumbelina’ carrots, ‘Tom Thumb’ lettuce
  • Tasty Flowers: Daylilies, Hibiscus, Johnny-jump-ups, Violets, Tulips
  • Funny Looks and Names: ‘Dragon Tongue’ beans, ‘Easter Egg’ radishes, ‘Painted Serpent’ cucumbers

Spark the Imagination with a Zoo Garden:

  • Fun to group together for a playful pot.
  • Annuals & Tender Perennials: Bat-faced cuphea, Elephant ear, Spiny spider flower
  • Perennials: Cat’s whiskers, Hens and Chicks, Turtlehead, Lamb’s ear

Welcome Giants:

  • Grow huge flowers in a sunny corner of your yard and record the size.
  • ‘Casa Blanca’ lilies
  • “Dinner Plate” hibiscus
  • ‘Mammoth’ or 12-foot-tall ‘Kong’ sunflowers

Scents to Sniff:

  • From stinky plants that boys prefer to sweet smells for the girls.
  • Banana mint, chocolate mint, and peppermint
  • Crown imperial (skunky smell)
  • Katsura Tree (autumn leaves have been described as smelling like baking muffins, bubble gum, burned sugar, or cotton candy
  • Persian shield(smells like dirty socks)
  • Pineapple sage