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The Buzz on Bees

This busy bee was working hard pollinating my garden. Thanks little fella!
Photo Credit
Shelli Merrifield
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Bees are pretty remarkable creatures—and not just because of their pollinating skills. The Old Farmer’s Almanac for Kids shares some un-bee-lievable facts about this buzzing insect.

The Buzz on Bees

1. Life without honeybees:
Many farmers and gardeners would not have a harvest with bees. These busy harvesters transfer pollen from flower to flower, or pollinate, which helps fruits and vegetables to form.

2. Bee-ginnings:
a. The Latin word for “bee” is APIS.
b. Beekeeping is called APICULTURE.
c. A beekeeper is an APIARIST.
d. A collection of beehives is an APIARY.

3. A few things about stings:
a. A worker bee can sting once. It dies soon thereafter.
b. A drone has no stinger.
c. A queen honeybee can sting repeatedly.
4. A healthy beehive can produce 45 to 100 pounds of honey per year—often more than the bees need to survive.

Bee-lieve it or not …
On June 14, 2004, a tractor-trailer overturned on a highway in Bear Trap Canyon, Montana, spilling its load of hundreds of beehives and unleashing some 9 million angry honeybees. Yikes!

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