Birthday Lore of the Day


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You will always enjoy good health and prosperity. You are farsighted, determined, and well balanced. You are just, loving, and generally well liked by all your friends and associates. Your home is very dear to you.

Cultivate self-confidence, self-esteem, and a better outlook on life; you are too apt to be pessimistic. You are capable of great things if you will accept the present happiness and not worry about the future. You are generous to a fault and can love deeply.

You have excellent reasoning powers but are somewhat critical in your opinions. You are studious, serious, and self-contained; enjoy reading good literature; and like the finer things in life. You will have a pleasant and happy home life.

Your passions are deep, and you love and hate with intensity. You lose control of your emotions easily and act hastily when excited, but quickly regain your better judgment and make amends. You have a great deal of personal pride and like to command.

You are conscientious and reliable and plod along in your work faithfully. You like travel and a change of scene. You are honest and wholehearted in your love, and it will bring joy and contentment to you.

Because you are blessed with determination, a methodical mind, and good executive ability, you will accomplish much and overcome many difficulties. You are careful, thrifty, and a good planner. You are a favorite among your friends and associates.

You are fortunate to be born in this month. You have exceptional opportunities in love, business, or a career, and you can rise to the top. You are most considerate to those dear to you. You love with vigor, and your home life should be ideal.

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