Birthday Lore of the Day

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You are positive, honest, and sincere, and have considerable executive ability. You are somewhat excitable, imaginative, impetuous, energetic, and capable. You have a clear and just mind. Your home is very dear to you, and you are kind and very affectionate.

You are slightly inclined toward pessimism and should strive to curb this tendency. You have keen intuitive powers and through them quite frequently save yourself and friends from disaster. You are kind, somewhat sensitive, versatile, discreet, and eager to learn. You are loving and considerate in your home.

You are an ardent reader, preferring the more serious type of literature. You enjoy sports and travel. You are bright, witty, and entertaining, and welcome at every social gathering. Your love is strong and ardent, and you will be loved in the same way.

You have shrewd intuitive judgment and an abundance of energy. You take great pleasure in overcoming difficulties and carrying out your plans. You are ready to follow a good idea or plan, but will not be driven. Your love is demonstrative and your home dear to you, and your disposition generally cheerful.

You are original, cautious, and accurate, and have great determination. It is very hard to move you once your mind is made up. You are a sincere and loyal friend and sacrifice much for friendship's sake. You love travel. In your home, you demand obedience and get it through love rather than by force.

You are scrupulously honest, sincere, and frank. Your quiet, unassuming manner makes you a general favorite and many true friends. You like to dress well, are proud and careful of your appearance, and enjoy the out-of-doors. Choose a congenial mate and marry young, and you will be very happy.

You are very confident of your ability and justly so. You like to lead and are well liked by all who know you, although you make few intimate friends. Shrewd, capable, persevering, and energetic, you successfully accomplish all you undertake. You are loving, affectionate, and good-natured most of the time.

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