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You are frank, honest, and outspoken. You like a change of environment but are not too unhappy if your desires are not gratified. You read a great deal and are a fluent talker and very entertaining. Your home life will be happy and contented if you marry young.

A fine, retentive memory and a good mind for details are your chief characteristics. You are amiable, magnetic, and intuitive; a favorite among your friends; and always welcome at social gatherings. You like to travel and to read about it. You will have a harmonious and happy life.

You are shrewd, determined, and argumentative, and take a strong stand against opposition when you think you are in the right. You do not like to be driven, but for love you will do a great deal. You have many friends and are generally happy and entertaining.

You like to lead and will not take a secondary position if you can possibly help it. You are very public spirited and quite philanthropic. You love travel, reading, and music. You should marry someone who is sympathetic toward your broad interests.

You have persistence and determination and never acknowledge defeat. You do not confide in others but like to work out your plans alone and in your own way. You have many friends and are well liked by all. Your home life will be contented and happy, and you will have the undivided attention of your mate.

You are determined, discreet, and conservative. Your tastes are fastidious, and you like the comfort and ease of luxurious surroundings. You are an ardent lover, have musical ability, and are shrewd and resourceful. Few people can get the better of you.

Learn to restrain your impetuous nature; you are quick-tempered and jump to conclusions hastily. Your judgment is good and usually right if you take the time to give it due consideration. You are a jovial, fun-loving person and are popular among your acquaintances. Your love is apt to be tempestuous.

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