Birthday Lore of the Day


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Last 7 Days

You have a quick temper and are inclined toward dominating and dictating your ideas, desires, and opinions. You are sorry immediately when you have let your emotions get beyond control. You like good literature and the pleasure of associating with interesting and witty people.

You are domestic, fond of children, affable, and considerate. You love your family and are very affectionate toward them. You have a sweet, even disposition, but are aroused to bitterness if your trust is violated.

You are ambitious. You are self-satisfied and determined, sometimes stubborn. You like social life, especially in a circle above your own, and can readily adapt yourself to it. Your home is very dear to you; you constantly make sacrifices and spare no expense to make it better and happier.

You are a loyal and steadfast friend and hold your friendships. You are exacting, like your own way, and are very determined in your efforts to get it. Witty, sociable, and an interesting conversationalist, you attract others to the home you love.

You are lighthearted, exuberant, and fond of gaiety. You like people around you and like to please them, and are enthusiastic over new friends. Sometimes passionate and excitable, you are friendly, irresistible, and lovable.

You put sincerity and your best efforts into any undertaking, but sometimes your ideas are impractical and fantastic. You should keep your passions and emotions under strong control. You are capable of loving deeply, and you require affection in return.

You give unlimited concentration and enthusiasm to your work. You are a leader, with your magnetic personality and strong character. Sincere and trustworthy, you love as intensely as you work.

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