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Your outstanding characteristics are honesty, dependability, integrity, and an indomitable ambition. Your advice is often sought, to the advantage of the recipient. You are a staunch, loyal friend and have deep affection and respect for your home ties.

Although impatient, impulsive, and argumentative, you are punctual. When you start things, you like to see them move rapidly to completion. Your love is irresistible, impetuous, and sincere.

Don't let your pride overshadow your happiness. You are an enthusiastic planner and carry your plans out in the easiest way rather than to a glorious finish. Your love is ardent and enduring.

You read a good deal and enjoy good literature. You are a good conversationalist but are not interested in light talk. You are rather domestic but live very much within yourself.

You have been endowed with strength and fortitude. Cultivate these! You have a magnetic personality and the qualities of a good leader. Your home life is dear to you, but petty things irritate you. Be less whimsical and fickle.

You are very ambitious and apt to overdo your zeal in trying to reach success. Do not let disappointments or failures dishearten you. You are capable of a deep love.

You should marry young, preferably someone born in December. The habits you form and social contacts you make in your early life will stay with you in your later life. You do not possess much adaptability. You are slow and deliberate, which qualities will bring you success.

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