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Sensitive, retiring, sympathetic, and loving, you yield to another's opinion rather than take a definite stand for yourself, even though you have strong convictions of your own. You are affectionate but have few intimates. To be happy, you need love and a sharing of your life and happiness.

Practice self-confidence. You have ability, but through your modesty and diffidence you allow others with less ability to carry on. Your charming personality makes many friends like and respect you. You are the clinging type and will choose the complement of your nature: a masterful and compelling mate.

You have a blithe, happy-go-lucky manner and are friendly and entertaining. You are artistic, idealistic, and sometimes impractical; sympathetic; loving; and devoted to your home life. You enjoy travel and its educational value and are eager to improve yourself. You will have a pleasant home life.

Although changeable and restless, you do your tasks faithfully and to your best ability, even though they are irksome to you. You are led by your inward desires rather than by outside influences. You are affectionate and sincere and will not fall in love at first sight. You are sometimes obstinate and like to have your own way.

You are quick-witted, intellectual, serious, and diligent in all you do. You enjoy reading and have considerable critical ability. You have many friends and are popular among them. Your home is dear to you, and you will have a happy married life.

You are generous, kind, and considerate. You are capable and reliable and have a keen, active mind. You are diplomatic and aggressive. You make friends easily and are fortunate in having a congenial trend of common interests. You are usually happy and contented and require love to keep your happiness.

You are impulsive, energetic, and argumentive, and put more faith in your intuition than in your judgment. You are a good and loyal friend and a bad enemy. You are demonstrative in love, and your happiness in love depends on receiving as much as you give.

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