Birthday Lore of the Day


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Last 7 Days

You have a great deal of confidence in your ability and what you can accomplish. You are original and compelling and love nature and sports. You love your home, like to make it beautiful, and are devoted to your family.

To be perfectly happy, you require a deep and strong love. You are serious in your thinking and actions and in your love. Reading is your favorite pastime, and you are blessed with an assimilative memory.

You are nervous, energetic, and somewhat excitable. You play with childlike abandon and seek gaiety. You are kind, considerate, and affectionate in your love.

You are too fond of taking a chance and should curb this tendency, as it will bring you unhappiness and restlessness. You waste precious effort and energy in following that desire. You enjoy music and art and like children, and your home life is very dear to you.

With your pleasant and genial disposition, you are clever, intellectual, and discriminating. You like good times and the social whirl. You are more popular with the opposite sex than with your own.

You are a clear thinker and have an excellent memory and good ideas as well as the ability to carry them out. You have a keen sense of humor and a sincere and deep love for your home, which is all-important to you.

You have a great ability and natural aptitude. You are a constant reader and enjoy only good literature. Observant, critical, shrewd, and cautious, you are a complete social leader. You are a loving parent and the direct source of all happiness in your home.

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