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You are positive and almost stubborn. Your very definite ideas of right and wrong are emphatic and you can not tolerate the slightest deviation from them in others. In your passion for correctness, you endeavor to have your friends follow your own ideals.

Inclined toward fretting and worrying, you are generally pleasant, loving, and kind. You are witty and fond of fun. You are blessed with intuitive and psychic powers, keen perception, and a vivid imagination. You will marry young and be happy in the love of a congenial mate.

With your sincerity and straightforwardness, you can not tolerate or understand anything different in others. You are optimistic, generous, confiding, and idealistic, and would suffer terribly if an ideal were shattered. Your love is pure, and to be happy you must have the understanding of your mate.

You are a clear thinker. You make decisions quickly and act impulsively. You are energetic and aggressive, an omnivorous reader, and ambitious for intellectual betterment. You like to travel and will do so. You are demonstrative and constant in your love.

You are blessed with unlimited ability. You would find success in anything you undertook if you applied all your efforts faithfully. You are upright, have fastidious tastes and sound judgment, are dependable and loving, and enjoy a harmonious life with pleasant surroundings.

Yours is a sunny, radiant disposition, and your charming personality wins you many true and loyal friendships. You have good judgment and self-control. You like pleasant surroundings and create a pleasant atmosphere in the most unpromising environment. You will have a sincere love, and your home will be ideal.

Cultivate and acquire more self-confidence. You are conscientious and trustworthy in carrying out another's plans, but hesitant and indeterminate in your own. You are kind, gentle, sympathetic, and understanding, and love deeply.

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