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Ambitious, energetic, and a hard, conscientious worker, you help those dear to you even at cost of your physical well-being. You are careful, accurate, discreet, and somewhat fastidious. You love music and literature and make an interesting conversationalist. You are loving and kind and will be contented.

You are sometimes impetuous, diffident, or headstrong, but usually kind, tender, and understanding. You are a good planner and use what you have to best advantage. You are genial and form friendships easily. You might fall in love at first sight and be very happy.

You consider both sides of a question before making any decision, because of your analytical turn of mind. Painstaking, reliable, and competent, you will be successful in whatever you do. You enjoy traveling and good literature and strive to better yourself. Your home life will be happy and contented.

Your tastes are simple but excellent. You are domestic and require only pleasant and harmonious surroundings and one to love and be loved by. Demonstrative, impulsive. and somewhat jealous, you are easy to please and should take care in choosing your mate.

You are exceedingly honest and frank and are determined and energetic, but you are apt to use your energy in the wrong direction. You are cheerful and witty, good company, and a general favorite. You love your family and are dearly loved by them.

Learn to assert yourself and be more aggressive! You are self-reliant and ambitious but very modest; you could achieve much more if you let yourself. You are musical and literary and love with your whole heart.

You are strong and robust and love all outdoor sports. You work and play with equal strength and strive to excel in whatever you do. You are amiable, gracious, and discreet, and have the confidence of your associates. If you marry young, you will be very happy. You are loving and sympathetic.

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