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You are of an easygoing, contented, and comfort-loving disposition, but these traits do not interfere with your faithfulness in duty. Capable and reliable, you are looked up to by all. You are fond of good literature, love your home life, and are devoted to your family.

You are sensitive and shy and should cultivate self-assurance, for you could accomplish much more if you were more aggressive. You love your home and pleasant surroundings and strive at all times to make your loved ones happy.

You are positive and determined, sometimes stubborn and impulsive. Do not give way to moods; you are capable and energetic and like to be a leader. You are very affectionate and demonstrative and require an understanding and constant love.

You are domestic, reliable, competent, and generally satisfied with yourself. You have definite likes and dislikes and are bright, witty, good-natured, and popular in your own circle. You should marry young.

You are energetic and vigorous and have determination. You acknowledge defeat only when you have exhausted all your resources. You are kindly and sympathetic. Your temper is not easily aroused, and you are quick to forgive. You will always be happy and contented.

You have very definite ideas and a matter-of-fact way about you. You lack imagination and enthusiasm. You are cautious and conservative and have a goodly amount of business ability. You enjoy good literature, are fond of nature, and seek the society of cultured people. You have many friends and are devoted to your family.

You are abrupt and impulsive and sometimes act without considering the consequences. You should marry someone who is easygoing and dependable, to complement your nature. You are capable of a great and enduring love.

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