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Endowed with a great personal magnetism, you will always be surrounded by many people; enjoy them! Your affections are not very deep, and you will never have a great or enduring love, although you will be loyal and true to the one you choose as a life partner.

A born leader, you should strive to make the most of this gift. With your friendly nature, you will be surrounded with congenial friends and your home life will be a constant inspiration. Take care that anger and jealousy do not get the better of your otherwise good judgment.

Although you are good-natured, fair, and truthful, you are slightly inclined toward selfishness. You should marry early in life and choose a mate born in May, July, or November, and one spiritually inclined.

You are somewhat obstinate and difficult, and it is hard to drive you to do anything. Only those who know your weaknesses can rule you. You are well liked and respected by everyone. You will live a happily married life.

You are self-reliant, diplomatic, fond of dressing well, and care a great deal for the good opinion of your friends and business associates. You are secretive, but not to the extent of trickery. You are affectionate and lovable and should make a happy circle wherever you are.

You are adaptable, fond of good times, easygoing, and somewhat apt to take things for granted. You enjoy traveling and will do a great deal of it. Your tendency toward selfishness will bring you unhappiness in later life unless you learn to curb it.

With more self-reliance, you are assured of success. Work honestly and diligently, and you will find happiness and pleasure in your work. 03 and November are the months in which you should begin important business.

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