Daily Calendar for Saturday, February 5, 2022


  • John Witherspoon(clergyman; NJ delegate to Continental Congress)
  • Nancy Hanks Lincoln(mother of U.S. President Abraham Lincoln)
  • Dr. John Lindley(botanist)
  • Belle Starr(outlaw)
  • Cleveland Dodge(businessman)
  • Ralph E. McGill(journalist)
  • Adlai Stevenson II(politician)
  • Joan Whitney Payson(sportswoman)
  • John Carradine(actor)
  • William Burroughs(author)
  • Red Buttons(actor)
  • Hank Aaron(baseball player)
  • Roger Staubach(football player)
  • Barbara Hershey(actress)
  • Laura Linney(actress)
  • Sara Evans(country music singer)


  • Marianne Moore(poet)
  • Ella Grasso(former Govenor of CT)
  • George Sauer(football player/coach)
  • Samuel M. Rubin(known as Sam the Popcorn Man, the first to pop corn in machines on a widespread basis in theaters)
  • Franklin Cover(actor)
  • Brian Jacques(children's author)
  • Kirk Douglas(actor)


  • Religious leader Roger Williams arrived in America (Boston)
  • First annual meeting of the American Statistical Association
  • The Oregon Spectator was the first newspaper published on the Pacific coast of the United States
  • Edwin Prescott was granted a patent for a centrifugal railway (an early design of a looping roller coaster)
  • The Yankees bought 10 acres in the Bronx, New York, for a stadium
  • Richard Button won Olympic gold for figure skating
  • The first Don't Walk" automatic signs were installed in New York City"
  • Walt Disney's Peter Pan premiered
  • Canadian industrialist and William Stephenson invested as Companion of Order of Canada
  • RHESSI (then called HESSI) launched to study solar flares. (RHESSI stands for Reuven Ramaty High Energy Solar Spectroscopic Imager.)
  • The National Zoo's first litter of cheetahs in 115 years went on display to the public


  • San Francisco, California, received 3.7" of snow downtown and 7" in the west hills
  • Two to 4 inches of snow fell in parts of southern Louisiana - more than had been received in any of the preceding 15 years.
  • Most of the western United States experienced a severe arctic outbreak
  • Northern Minnesota saw chilly temperatures of -38 F in Hallock and -42 F in Embarrass
  • Grand Fork, North Dakota, and International Falls, Minnesota, each recorded a temperature of -30 degrees F
  • The temperature dropped to -44 degrees F in Winnipeg, Manitoba
  • Dozens of twisters were reported in Kentucky, Tennessee, Mississippi, Arkansas, and Alabama

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