Daily Calendar for Thursday, February 17, 2022


  • Arcangelo Corelli(composer)
  • Raphael Peale(artist)
  • Aaron Montgomery Ward(businessman notable for the invention of mail order)
  • Dorothy Canfield Fisher(author)
  • Walter(Red Barber sportscaster)
  • Marjorie Lawrence(opera singer)
  • Margaret Truman(daughter of Pres. Truman)
  • Hal Holbrook, Jr.(actor)
  • Chaim Potok(novelist)
  • James N. Brown(football player)
  • Rene Russo(actress)
  • Richard Karn(actor, game show host)
  • Michael Jordan(basketball player)
  • Jerry O'Connell(actor)
  • Jason Ritter(actor)
  • Paris Hilton(heiress)
  • Ed Sheeran(musician)


  • Geronimo(Chiricahua Apache leader)
  • Wilfred Laurier(8th Prime Minister of Canada)
  • Thelonious Monk(jazz pianist)
  • Lee Strasberg(actor and director)
  • Randy Shilts(journalist, AIDS activist)


  • Myles Standish appointed commander of Plymouth Colony, Massachusetts
  • Tie broken: Thomas Jefferson to be U.S. president; Aaron Burr, Vice President
  • Baron Karl von Drais de Sauerbrun patented draisine (bicycle precursor)
  • Confederate H. L. Hunley was first submarine to sink a warship (USS Housatonic)
  • Columbia, South Carolina, burned by Union Army (U.S. Civil War)
  • First sardines canned in Maine
  • The National Congress of Mothers, later known as the PTA, founded
  • Marcel Duchamp's painting, Nude Descending a Staircase, outraged viewers
  • First publication of Newsweek magazine
  • Elvis Presley awarded his first gold album for Elvis""
  • 9-pound 6-ounce chain pickerel caught near Homerville, Georgia


  • McIntosh, South Dakota, recorded a low temperature of -58 degrees F
  • Record low of 60 degrees below zero F, Labrador
  • Blizzard dumped more snow in Boston than any other storm in the state's history-- including the Blizzard of 1978--Logan International Airport measured 27.5 inches

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