Daily Calendar for Tuesday, February 22, 2022


  • Amerigo Vespucci(explorer)
  • Francisco I. Madero(Mexican President; was assassinated)
  • Hal Borland
  • Ed Flanders(actor)
  • Chuck Jones(Warner Bros. animator, created Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck)
  • Jonas Savimbi(Angola's rebel leader)
  • Dennis Johnson(basketball player)


  • George Washington(1st U.S. president)
  • Rembrandt Peale(artist)
  • Frederic Francois Chopin(composer)
  • James Lowell(poet)
  • Robert Baden-Powell(founder of Boy Scouts)
  • Hugo Ball(poet)
  • Edna St. Vincent Millay(poet)
  • Sheldon Young(producer)
  • Edward Moore Teddy" Kennedy"(politician)
  • George Sparky" Anderson"(baseball manager)
  • Julius Erving(basketball player)
  • Steve Irwin(herpetologist and host of The Crocodile Hunter)
  • Rachel Dratch(actress)
  • Drew Barrymore(actress)


  • Popcorn was first introduced to English colonists by Native Americans
  • Florida Purchase treaty signed
  • The F.W. Woolworth discount store chain started in Utica, New York
  • Ancient Egyptian obelisk that had been erected in Central Park was officially presented to New York City
  • A fist fight broke out on the Senate floor between Senator John McLaurin and Senator Ben Tillman
  • Calvin Coolidge delivered the first presidential radio broadcast speech from the White House
  • A 6.4-magnitude earthquake struck near Zarand in Iran
  • 10-pound 14-ounce 'aweoweo caught, Penguin Bank, O'ahu, Hawaii
  • A magnitude-6.3 earthquake struck Christchurch, New Zealand
  • Babe Ruth's 1923 World Series pocket watch sold for $717,000 at auction
  • Baseball bat that belonged to Shoeless Joe Jackson sold for $958,000 at auction


  • The Susquehanna River ice bridge at Havre de Grace, Maryland, began to break up after 40 days of use
  • 11 inches of snow fell in Blue Lick, Missouri

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