Daily Calendar for Friday, February 25, 2022


  • Christopher Wren(architect)
  • Thomas Moore(poet)
  • Anna Tuthill Symmes Harrison(U.S. First Lady)
  • Tennessee Williams(playwright)
  • Joe Walcott(boxer)
  • Darren McGavin(actor)
  • Jim Lange(original host of The Dating Game)
  • Bill Paxton(actor)


  • Pierre Auguste Renoir(painter)
  • Enrico Caruso(opera singer)
  • John Foster Dulles(politician)
  • Zeppo Marx(comedian)
  • Adele Davis(nutritionist)
  • Frank G. Slaughter(author/surgeon)
  • Jim Backus(actor)
  • Anthony Burgess(novelist)
  • Bobby Riggs(tennis player)
  • Nathan Glazer(author)
  • Larry Gelbart(producer)
  • Linda Cristal(actress)
  • Tom Courtenay(actor)
  • Diane Baker(actress)
  • George Harrison(musician)
  • Sean Astin(actor)
  • James and Oliver Phelps(actors)
  • Justin Berfield(actor)


  • First trained monkey act in the U.S.
  • George Washington held the first Cabinet meeting as President of the United States
  • First tunnel (railroad) under Hudson River opened, linking New Jersey to New York City
  • First state gasoline tax began, Oregon
  • USS Ranger, first true aircraft carrier, launched
  • First hockey game on TV
  • Battle of Los Angeles with UFO, California
  • Cassius Clay (later called Muhammad Ali) defeated Sonny Liston in seven rounds to win the world heavyweight boxing title


  • Eighteen inches of snow, Society Hill, South Carolina
  • 21 degrees, San Antonio, Tex.
  • 49.3 inches of snow fell, Mt. Washington, New Hampshire
  • Boston, Massachusetts, received 26.3 inches of snow in a two day storm
  • Light snow in Pocatello, Idaho, raised its seasonal snowfall total to 85.7 inches
  • 92 degrees F, San Antonio, Texas

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