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Daily Calendar for Wednesday, May 18, 2022

Question of the Day

When my daughter and I wish on the β€œfirst star I see tonight,” are we really wishing on a planet? How can we tell one from the other?
Most likely that first bright star is a planet, but binoculars can probably help you tell for sure. Even a cheap pair will usually add enough magnification so that you can make out a planet. You can also try looking for the bright star night after night and notice if it seems to move across the sky against the backdrop of the other stars. If so, it’s a planet, living up to its Greek name, which means β€œwanderer.”

Advice of the Day

Crush the seeds of sweet cicely and use them as a polish for wooden furniture.

Home Hint of the Day

When you use the fan over your cook stove, be sure to open a window elsewhere in the house, too. This will give the fan a greater supply of air to blow, so it will be more effective.

Word of the Day

A cloud yardstick. A ceilometer measures the height of clouds.

Puzzle of the Day

What kind of fish only swims at night?
A starfish!


  • Bertrand Russell (philosopher & mathematician) –
  • Frank Capra (director) –
  • Perry Como (singer) –
  • Pope John Paul II –
  • Brooks Robinson (baseball player) –
  • Reggie Jackson (baseball player) –
  • George Strait (country singer) –
  • Tina Fey (writer & actress) –
  • Jack Johnson (musician) –


  • Elizabeth Montgomery (actress) –
  • Elvin Ray Jones (renowned jazz drummer and member of John Coltrane’s quartet who also played alongside Duke Ellington, Charlie Parker, and Miles Davis) –
  • Wayne Allwine (voice of Mickey Mouse for over 30 years) –


  • Montreal, Quebec, founded–
  • Masses feared the end of the world during passage of Halley’s Comet–
  • U.S. Selective Draft Act passed–
  • Tennessee Valley Authority created–
  • TWA was first airline to fly the Douglas DC-2 aircraft–
  • Aviator Jackie Cochran became the first woman to exceed Mach 1–
  • Apollo 10 spacecraft launched from Cape Kennedy–
  • India became world’s sixth nuclear power–
  • A magnitude 5.1 earthquake causes the cataclysmic eruption of Mount St. Helens, killing 57 people.–
  • Law passed to remove Confederate flag from South Carolina statehouse–
  • Randy Johnson made history by becoming the oldest major league player (at age 40) to throw a perfect game. Cy Young was previously the oldest to pitch perfection at 37–


  • Major Arkansas River flood, Wichita, Kansas–
  • Violent Lake Michigan storm wrecked several ships–
  • Oklahoma experienced major floods–
  • 116 degrees F at Death Valley, California–

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