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Daily Calendar for Friday, July 29, 2022

β€œThe Islamic New Year, or the First of Muharram, begins at sundown. This marks the beginning of the Islamic lunar calendar each year. For many Muslims, it begins at the first sighting of the lunar crescent after the new Moon in the month of Muharram. The crescent Moon may be visible a day or so after the new Moon, but weather and other factors may delay the sighting. Other Muslims use different criteria to determine the start of the calendar, such as the Fiqh Council of North America (FCNA), which calculates the date according to the following: The Moon must be born (become new) before sunset in Makkah, and the Moon must set after sunset. The following dates are calculated according to the FCNA, and may be a day or so earlier than a visible sighting.”

Question of the Day

How much water should I give my shrubs and trees?
Your trees and shrubs need watering, just like everything else growing in your yard, especially in periods of little rain. Watering cools them off in hot weather and helps the plants absorb nutrients from the soil, as well as make their own food. Don’t get overzealous, however. Wait for signs of water stress, including wilting and loss of leaves. Here’s a rule of thumb for watering: Give your trees an inch of water every two weeks if you’ve had less than an inch of rain. Try to saturate the soil all at once, so the water goes deep. To monitor your watering, use a sprinkler and place an empty tuna can nearby. When the can is full of water, empty it and then fill again. Two fills will ensure adequate soil saturation. Water in the early morning or late evening to avoid quick evaporation.

Advice of the Day

At sea, with low and falling glass, Soundly sleeps the careless ass.

Home Hint of the Day

Clean wooden bowls with warm, soapy water, then rinse and wipe dry. If the inside of a bowl is worn, apply a coat of vegetable or mineral oil.

Word of the Day

A lawless military adventurer, especially one in quest of plunder; a freebooter; — originally applied to buccaneers infesting the Spanish American coasts, but introduced into common English to designate the followers of Lopez in his expedition to Cuba in 1851, and those of Walker in his expedition to Nicaragua, in 1855. A tactic for delaying or obstructing legislation by making long speeches

Puzzle of the Day

With his (Blank), he killed three (Blank). (The two 5-letter words to fill the blanks share the same letters.)
1) saber 2) bears


  • John Sargent Pillsbury (manufacturer) –
  • Booth Tarkington (author) –
  • William Powell (actor) –
  • Edwin O'Connor (novelist) –
  • Norma Lyon (fourth butter cow sculptor of the Iowa State Fair) –
  • Paul Taylor (dancer) –
  • Nancy Landon Kassebaum Baker (politician) –
  • Elizabeth Dole (government official) –
  • Peter Jennings (journalist) –
  • Ken Burns (filmmaker) –
  • Martina McBride (singer) –
  • Wil Wheaton (actor) –
  • Stephen Dorff (actor) –
  • Josh Radnor (actor) –
  • Allison Mack (actress) –


  • Vincent van Gogh (artist) –
  • Mama Cass Elliot (singer) –
  • David Niven (actor) –
  • Jerome Robbins (choreographer) –
  • Tom Snyder (talk show host) –


  • The Spanish Armada was defeated by an English naval force off the coast of Gravelines, France–
  • The Pittsburgh Gazette became the first newspaper published west of the Allegheny Mountains–
  • Annibale de Gasparis discovered asteroid 15 Eunomia–
  • First successful transcontinental telephone call–
  • Lightning caused a deadly fire in Cochrane and Matheson, Ontario–
  • President Dwight D. Eisenhower signed the National Aeronautics and Space Act of 1958 establishing the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA)–
  • Schooner Bluenose II was donated to Nova Scotia–
  • First Chicken Wing Day, Buffalo, New York–
  • Prince Charles and Lady Diana Spencer married at St. Paul’s in London, England–
  • Bill Mueller of the Boston Red Sox became the first baseball player in major league history to hit grand slams from both sides of the plate in one game–
  • 184-pound wahoo caught, Cabo San Lucas, Mexico–
  • A 5.4-magnitude earthquake shook Los Angeles, California–
  • A pair of Winston Churchill’s wartime dentures sold at auction for approximately $23,750–
  • Rare panda triplets born at the Chimelong Safari Park in Guangzhou, China–


  • Four inches of rain fell on Tucson, Arizona, causing thousands of dollars in damage–
  • Barnet, Vermont, reported a morning low of 33 degrees F, with frost appearing on vegetation–
  • St. Johnsbury, Vermont, had a low temperature of 42 degrees F–
  • Greeley, Colorado, received 6 to 7.5 inches of rain in eight hours–
  • Thermometers in Oymyakon, Eastern Siberia (considered one of the coldest places on Earth) recorded 90 degrees F in the evening–
  • Moscow had a record temperature of 100 degrees F–

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