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Daily Calendar for Sunday, February 5, 2023

Usually the heaviest snows fall in February. Hunting becomes very difficult, and hence to some Native American tribes this was the Hunger Moon. Learn more on our February Full Moon Guide.


  • Nancy Hanks Lincoln (mother of U.S. President Abraham Lincoln) –
  • Ralph McGill (American journalist ) –
  • William Burroughs (author) –
  • Red Buttons (actor) –
  • Hank Aaron (baseball player) –
  • Roger Staubach (football player) –
  • Barbara Hershey (actress) –
  • Laura Linney (actress) –
  • Sara Evans (country music singer) –


  • Marianne Moore (poet) –
  • Samuel M. Rubin (known as Sam the Popcorn Man, the first to pop corn in machines on a widespread basis in theaters) –
  • Franklin Cover (actor) –
  • Brian Jacques (children’s author) –
  • Kirk Douglas (actor) –


  • Religious leader Roger Williams arrived in America (Boston)–
  • First annual meeting of the American Statistical Association–
  • The Oregon Spectator was the first newspaper published on the Pacific coast of the United States–
  • Edwin Prescott was granted a patent for a centrifugal railway (an early design of a looping roller coaster)–
  • The Yankees bought 10 acres in the Bronx, New York, for a stadium–
  • Richard Button won Olympic gold for figure skating–
  • The first Don’t Walk” automatic signs were installed in New York City”–
  • Walt Disney’s Peter Pan premiered–
  • Canadian industrialist and William Stephenson invested as Companion of Order of Canada–
  • RHESSI (then called HESSI) launched to study solar flares. (RHESSI stands for Reuven Ramaty High Energy Solar Spectroscopic Imager.)–
  • The National Zoo’s first litter of cheetahs in 115 years went on display to the public–


  • San Francisco, California, received 3.7” of snow downtown and 7” in the west hills–
  • Two to 4 inches of snow fell in parts of southern Louisiana - more than had been received in any of the preceding 15 years.–
  • Most of the western United States experienced a severe arctic outbreak–
  • Northern Minnesota saw chilly temperatures of -38 F in Hallock and -42 F in Embarrass–
  • Grand Fork, North Dakota, and International Falls, Minnesota, each recorded a temperature of -30 degrees F–
  • The temperature dropped to -44 degrees F in Winnipeg, Manitoba–
  • Dozens of twisters were reported in Kentucky, Tennessee, Mississippi, Arkansas, and Alabama–

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